This is (almost) an exact replica of a web page that was hosted on Slippery Rock University's z/VM system until May 31, 2016

Fran Hensler's Personal Home Page

    1963 Founded Data Processing Center
    1994 President's Award for Outstanding Service     (photo)
    2007 Sir Fran of the Rock     (photo)     (certificate)
    2011 Article in ROCK Magazine
    2012 Administrator Emeritus     (certificate)
    2013 My 50th Anniversary at SRU     (photo)
    2013 Endowed Rock Catholic Scholarship    

Welcome to Fran's personal page on the SRUVM WWW server.
This server is powered by IBM z/VM 3.1 running on a FLEX-ES emulator.
FLEX-ES 6.2.22 runs on SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 in an IBM X-232 server.
Web pages are served out by Rick Troth's WEBSHARE.
This system will be phased out in a few years as we install a new SIS

This page is defined by the file INDEX HTML, which resides on
my 192 minidisk and is listed in my WEBSHARE FILELIST.
HTML is plain text, so it doesn't matter that it's an EBCDIC HOST;
the file is ordinary ASCII when most of you read it.

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