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    Ammunition Basket

     This ammunition basket was a "find" for Laura Wilhelm of Olympia, WA.


Laura describes it this way:
    The dimensions are approximately 22" wide x 22" deep and the top opening is only 4 1/4".  The narrow canvas handles on each side are deep brown and 1" x 5" and are woven into the basket.


Laura describes this as a "very sturdy" basket.  She noted that the wood in the bottom looks fresh and reddish.  This makes her think this might be newer than the World War I era where these basket were used to carry ammunition shells.

Additional info from April :
I also saw ammunition baskets for sale earlier this week. These baskets were
just like the ones Laura posted except the ammo boxes were still in the
baskets. I asked my husband (career army) about them and he said they still
use them in Canada. These did not look old and were selling for $35 each. I
saw them at the Flea Market in Nashville, TN  (7/23/00)

Ann from Texas offers:
Those same ammunition baskets are also being sold at the "First Mondays" flea market in Canton, Texas.  The price I saw was also $35.  (5/7/04)


    If you have any further information about these ammunition baskets that you would care to share, send it to Baskets, Etc. and we will post it here.

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