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Meet Onliner Cheri (prounounced "Cherry") who contributed the stenciling article for the site. When Cheri isn't at her computer, she makes baskets, designing many of them herself and writing the patterns too.

Some of her baskets are adorned with her stencils, some of which she also designs herself.

She takes stenciling to a new level with her theorems, intricate stencils done on velvet with several layers of stenciling and handpainted details.

Cheri sells some of her baskets at craft fairs but many find their way to fund raisers for her favorite causes among which are libraries and education. Cheri's many years of volunteering include work for the Victor Central Schools, Teacher's Art Center, Homespun Days where she was a tin smith/scherenschnitte presenter, the Great American Read Aloud Program, and numerous other education organizations. Among Cheri's other interests are the genealogy of the Bosworth family which she is tracing back to England and cooking her special recipes including Spinach Quiche, Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Lentils and Escarole, and her special microwave Cream of Broccoli Soup.

One of her recent acts of kindness, helping her aunt to relocate, led to her acquiring a pine needle basket that her grandfather (who died in 1936) brought to her aunt from Florida.

Cheri resides in Victor, New York with her husband, Matt who works for Kodak, and teenage son, Devon, whose name you see in her e-mail address.

Because she enjoys exchanging basketry ideas, a large number of you have heard from Cheri. She has offered advice on everything from pricing baskets to bee skeps. Her friendly and helpful personality has been conveyed to many, many Onliners as she responds to quickly answer questions and offer assistance to one and all. She recently received a Friend of Education Award for her volunteer work; to this Baskets, Etc. adds a congeniality award for all her efforts in communicating with so many Onliners, bringing more and more of us together into a friendly basket "web."

We thank Cheri for being our third profiled Onliner. If you would like to be featured in Meet the Onliners, please contact Baskets, Etc. for details.

Update 5/19/98 --

Here is a photo of an egg basket woven on a forked tree branch. I have some deer antlers, and haven't gotten up the nerve to try them yet, so decided this would be an easy, inexpensive alternative. It also makes a good excuse to go walking in the woods.

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