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Dougie Sanders working in his studio/living room

Douglas "Dougie" Sanders of Scotland (formerly of Derbyshire, England) was born in a small village, the son of a cabinet maker and a professional artist.  He was encouraged to develop his skills in many creative areas.  As a boy he helped with thatched-roof houses in his village and ran his own business by age 17.  At age 22, with the demand for thatched-roof houses declining, Dougie turned to basket making.  He worked for a local basket making firm for 10 years, developing his own designs, before he set out on his own, starting his own basket making business, Korzina Baskets in Ripley, Derbyshire, England.  (Some of Dougie's family was from Siberia; "Korzina" is the Siberian word for "baskets.")

Dougie was Korzina Baskets' only employee until recently when his wife, Jane, began helping him.  Here she is working on a casket using seven-foot willow...a daunting task for even more experienced weavers.

Working long hours, 7 days a week, Korzina Baskets produces a variety of willow products including infant baskets, hampers, linen baskets, garden pieces such as willow towers and even caskets.  Some of the Hamper Baskets are exported to the United States.

Most of the willow Dougie uses is harvested from Britain's Prince Charles' residence, Highgrove.  In turn, he is a major supplier of baskets for the gift shop at Highgrove.

Log Basket
                                             Crib Basket                                                 Hamper Basket
Willow Casket

This accomplished weaver has found that people still have a desire for something personal and exclusive that can be treasured and welcomes special orders.  He feels that a little extra time spent with a client and a few sketches can produce for the client "just what they need at the right size - and right when they want it."

Dougie also feels that he is carrying on a tradition that is both practical and rewarding and is prepared to share the benefits.  He says, "Every morning I sit down to work, either on a bench or cross-legged on the floor, with a handfull of simple tools and I know I am about to created a useful object out of natural materials.  This gives me a great sense of achievement and is good for the soul and the body by teaching patience and dexterity."    He also says he would like to pass on his skills in weekend courses.

Douglas Sanders
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