Basketmaker Humor and Philosophy.

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I have the "No Whining" pin on the apron I wear when I teach basket making classes.  My class/studio rule is,  "There is NO whining in basket class".   I loved the line when Tom Hanks said, in A League of Their Own, "There no crying in baseball" so I adapted it to my favorite pastime.

One student actually asked my why they can't whine is my basket classes and the reason is very clear. They have come to class to WEAVE and weaving has more that one meaning
It appears that whining and complaining are contrary to weaving itself.  I explain this at the start of every class I teach...and it has kept whining to a minimum!  I've been spreading this philosophy for years and will eventually get it inscribed on something hangable for my studio wall.

   -- from  Mary Skillings

Whenever a student goofs or gets frustrated, I tell them to read aloud the sign above my studio door...

-- author Claudia Nachtsheim, Night Home baskets.

Juanita Gulden found this "truism" elsewhere on the web --
"My husband lets me buy all the reed I can hide."

From Dr. Chris Jordan of England --
"The lyf so short, the crafte so long to learn." -- Geoffrey Chaucer

If the brain just ain't computin'
And the memory's gettin' short,
If the software's gettin' softer
And your files seem outa sort...
Relax, my friend, it's normal,
No need to blow a fuse
You're still transmitting loads of charm,
And that you'll never lose!

(copyright Leanin' Tree)

"Remember to weave a bit of joy into your life each day"-- Joni T. Ross

Having a bad basket day? Take heart.....

 A woman knocked at the heavenly gate, her face was scarred and old,
As she stood before the man of Fate for admission to the fold.
"What have you done, "St. Peter asked, " to gain admission here?"
"I've been a basketmaker, sir, for many and many a year."
The pearly gates swung open wide; St. Peter touched the bell.
"Come in and choose your harp, my dear--You've had your share of hell!"

  • Annetta Kraayeveld sends along this quote from St. Francis of Assisi:

    "He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands, and his head, is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is an artist."

  • Warning to new weavers! This could happen to you:

  • I used to have a kitchen. Now it's just my workshop. I use the blender for making paper, the oven for baking fimo clay, the stove top to heat up dyes, the sink to soak reed and cane, the toaster for embossing rubber stamp designs, the freezer for storing willow, the fridge to keep dyes, the pasta machine to cut paper strips and clay, the kitchen table to work on, reed storage under the table, the walls to hang baskets, leather strips, reed, etc. Only three appliances are still safe: the coffee pot, can opener, and microwave, but who knows how long that will last! Good thing there is a pizza place next door! I LOVE BASKETS! -- Cris of NorEsta Cane & Reed.

  • Check out this list of basketry classes only if you have a sense of humor about "underwater basketweaving."

  • Dusty philosophy we can all use from Karen Mitchell:
  • "I do believe that dust is a protective covering that prolongs the life of furniture and anything else it clings to!!!"

    "A basket, because of it's soul, must never be put in a dark or out of the way place. It must be free to dance around the world each night and to grow old." unknown.

    (The above quote was also sent to us by Karen Mitchell. A friend saw it on a tag on a basket in Florida. Does anyone know the author or the origin?)


    Thoughts for the Day, Etc.

    Ed. note: Some of the above are credited to the people who sent them and do not necessarily bear any resemblence to the people who first said them.

    Kim Renich says:

     You Know You're Addicted to Basketmaking If:

    You have patterns you bought 2 years ago that you've never made!
    You have weird shaped handles in a closet but can't remember what you bought them for!
    You have more than 1 tape measure
    Youve snipped a "v" in the tip of your finger while cutting a stake!
    You have half finished baskets that you know youll never finish but cant bear to throw out!
    You weave until you discover a problem then go back and read the directions!
    Your basket supplies get the biggest closet in the house!
    You buy the same pattern twice not realizing you already had it!
    All your shirts have dye splatters on them!
    You have so many patterns that you've alphabetized them!
    You've cut up at least 1 basket!
    You hope your husband doesn't ask how much you spent in class that night!
    And. . . . . you know you're an addicted basket weaver if every room in your house has a basket in it !!!

    If you have a short philosopy or some specific basketmaker humor you'd like to share, send it to Baskets, Etc. 

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