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Don Price of Gananoque, Ontario Canada is a retired optometrist and now basket maker and chip carver.
This is an example of Don's "chip carving" and ....
this is how it looks on the base of his Nantucket basket.


As an ex-tool maker and mechanical designer, Brian Jewett says, "I've always been fascinated by alternative uses, non-conventional materials and adaptive reuse. When I discovered basketry it was immediately obvious to me that this was an excellent pathway for these material explorations."
Cable Tie Basket made from cable ties and drip irrigation tubing. 
Brightly colored bowls here are formed from rolls of tickets 

Mary Lou Slaughter's Burden basket.  Top is 13" x 20", sides are 12". 
Basket is worn on the back with the tump (strap) across the forehead  
or shoulders and used to carry cut up halibut, salmon or clams.
Vest fashioned from cedar bark by Mary Lou 
who lives in Port Orchard, WA.

Chrys Lunsford's Birch Bark Baskets 

Pack Basket with leather lashing used for storing bobbins for spinning -> 

<-Wedding Ring Gather Basket with hand spun yarn                                                       (1/23/02)


Paula Harrison's tribute to honor the memory of her little blind dog, "Charlie". The black band symbolizes Charlie's blindness and the white zigzag design is symbolic of his ability to find his way through the blackness with grace and dignity.

This basket is being taught at the October, 2000 Michigan Convention.


Basket lids made by
Karan Teter
of Scottsdale, AZ

Cedar and waxed linen woven pouch necklace by Karen Mitchell of Minneapolis, MN.



David Harrison lives in the village of Garras, on the Lizard peninsula, an area in the county of Cornwall UK. He is one of only about 10 men who still have the knowldge and skill to make these these lobster/crab/crayfish type fishing baskets. He says they are no longer used for fishing but are sold in craft shops as decorative ornaments for the garden and other places. (9/25/99)

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