Wire, Pine Needle and Antler Baskets Etc.



 Wire Work

  "Sentinel" basket made of copper wire and magnet wire
by Marilyn Moore of Seattle, WA.

Pineneedle and Antler Baskets

"On the Forest Floor," left, is an example of
Bonnie Hay's coiled pine needle basketry.
Photo reprinted from the
publication, "Basketmakers of New Jersey,
Summer 1996".

Pineneedle Baskets

  • The website of the Northwest Basket Weavers - Vi Phillips Guild has posted beginning pine needle basket instructions.  (3/19/02)
  • If you are on this page, you will enjoy visiting Pamela Zimmerman's Pine Needle Group page.
  • Get good pineneedle tips and learn about how-to books at Peg Arnoldussen's site,

  • Peg's Basketry.
  • Book tip from Marian Gall

  • I have found that the easiest way to find basket making instruction books is on the web. Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble both have a fairly long list of pine needle basket books. If they don't have it in stock, they will try to find it. The prices are usually discounted and I receive the books in a remarkably short time. (10/29/97)
  • 2/25/97 message from: Tony VanderHeide I am trying to find more people who are involved in making long leaf pine needle baskets. I learned the craft about five years ago down in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I have been making these baskets since that time. The long leaf pine needles are ideal to work with. Some of them can be as long as sixteen or more inches. I have been using raffia for the stitchery. But of late, I found that some crafters use sinew, which gives a very different effect. I would like to "talk" with others who know this craft. I'm curious to know what they do with ALL the baskets they make. I have given lots of mine away to family and friends, but there is just so much room in a house for stuff!!!!!! I wonder how one goes about marketing the product other than ordinary craft shows. It seems people want to buy hand-crafted things for next to nothing.

  • For the pine needle wanna-be people: The New Hearth Song Catalog has a $19.95 Pine Needle Basketry kit. It says "It's so satisfying to learn this traditional Native American craft and make your own beautiful pine needle basket. Our kit includes all materials and instructions needed to complete a 4" x 6" diamenter basket of your own design. We've found basketmaking to be a soothing, relaxing craft, (We could have told them that, couldn't we?) highly recommended for ages 12 to adult."

  • For a catalog, contact Hearth Song, 6519 N. Galena Rd., P.O. Box 1773, Peoria, IL 61656-1773, Phone (800) 325-2502.


  • Fiona Richards of Nelson, B.C., writes: I live in a small town in Canada and I am surrounded by ponderosa pines. I found myself making a pine needle basket purely by observation, remembering one that I had when I was a kid. I would really like to find some directions on the stitching (how do you do that 3 pronged v stitch?) And is it ok if I leave the little husks on the end of the needles to create a pattern/texture on the outside of the basket? What about big baskets? Are pine needles only appropriate for smaller baskets? This my my very first attempt at basketry and I am HOOKED! Please, any info would be great.
  •  Answer: My name is Kathryn Gomm and I live in Milwaukee WI. I took a class in 1994 in the Amana Colonies (in Iowa) on how to weave a pine needle basket. Having hands-on instruction is the best way to go, but here are three books that were recomended in the class:

    Armstrong, Katherine L., Fragrant Basketry, Robson, B.C.: Bear Grass Press 1986
    Jolley, Ginger, How to Weave a Pine Needle Basket, San Bernadino, CA: Crown Printers 1985
    McFarland, Jeannie, Pine Needle Raffia Basketry, Provo, UT: Press Publishing, LTD. 1978

     Some times you can get your local bookstores to order these books or get them through interlibrary loan, but if not, The Caning Shop in Berkely, CA has a large selection of all types of basketry books.

     Best of luck in your endeavors - my friends love to get pine needle baskets as presents!


  • Tom Turner would also like to have information on pine needle baskets.

  • Neil Natwick writes: I am interested in buying 14 to 18 inch pine needles; they need to be dried to be of use for making baskets. Do you have someone you might recommend contacting as a supplier?

  • Nancy Bockhaus would like some long southern pine needles. She will purchase them or trade for pine cones from her area. (Wisconsin)

  • Regarding pine needle baskets, Phyllis Walla Catania offers: W. Jayne Stanley at Gourdsket Vessels Company has a catalog selling kits, supplies, gourds and pine needle baskets and she also teaches.

  • Antler Baskets


  • This suggestion from Kathleen Whelpley: There is a Antler Basket book written by Bobi Marshall Harris. I have taken classes from her and can say she is an inspiration to all budding basketmakers. (2/4/97)

  • Editor's Note: The above book was out of print but now has been reprinted and is available through various basketry suppliers. (12/10/97)
  • Marianna Newtonwrites: There are six of us who get together regularly to weave and we have a good instructor. We have collected antlers from the Wyoming mountains etc. and want to make baskets with antler handles, but we can't find a pattern, directions, etc. Can anyone help? I think with some directions or a pattern, we could start this project. Many thanks!


    Antler basket created by Sue Cooper and owned by Jayne Fritz ------>

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