About Your Redman Basket......

Since the beginning of this website several years ago, we have had numerous people ask about Redman Basket Company in Peru, IN and have had no luck in getting answers.

On March 23, 2003  I e-mailed the Peru, IN website.  On March 24, they sent a message to say they forwarded my message to C.W. Redmon Company, now in their 120th year in Peru, IN.

Would you believe!  Midmorning, on March 24, Peter Redmon phoned me!  They are still in business but no longer making baskets ...just hampers, bassinets, etc.  It seems the family name has alway been Redmon but in the 1800's they used the Indian head as the logo and called their baskets Redman baskets.  They went to Redmon when it became politically incorrect to use the Indian head logo.  You can visit the W.C. Redmon Co. website.  Once there, if you click on "About Us" there will be a scroll about the history of the company at the end of the page.  Put your cursor on it to stop it from scrolling if you want to read more closely.

Susan Wolff sent this picture of her
grandmother's Redman basket.

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