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2017 Board of Directors
03 11 17
T Hayes
Business Secretary
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Meeting was called to order at 7:30 by President Terry Hayes
Minutes were read by T Hayes. Motion by Cheri Schultz and second by Randy Bowser to accept minutes passed unanimously.
Dave Harkins gave the treasurer's report. Motion by Jack McConnell and second by Art Schultz to accept passed unanimously.
Each member gets a window decal with their dues this year. Cliff had noted at the previous board meeting that we could order another 100 and sell them to members who had more than one car and to the general public. The members present were polled and said that they agreed with this strategy. Cost was discussed and it was decided to sell each decal for $3.00. As for the banner which presently says ''MEMBER'' it had been suggested by Cliff to put the word sponsor in the banner, suggesting that each person who buys a decal would be a sponsor of BASMA. Another suggestion made was that we put ''established 1981'' in the banner. After discussion a motion was made by Bucky Iman and seconded by Bill Errera that we order 100 additional decals with the words"established in 1981" in the banner.
A show of hands was asked for and the motion passed.
Scott Warburton announced that plans for the Poker Run are progressing and he suggested a tentative date of June 16.
Everyone should be their own picnic supplies and those with small grills can bring those. We will end up at Cooks Forest and can use the facilities all day. T announced that people have stepped up to fill some of the positions we need help with. Dewey Hughes is taking care of the Summer Raffle this years. Linda Stock has agreed to help with the Chinese Auction at the 4th of July Show. Still looking for someone to help Paulette. The Fourth of July show is coming together.
This year food will be provided by Fairground Market during the show. We will be preparing the flyers for mailing after the May meeting, please plan to stay and help us out.

Family Picnic will be August 26th here at Shelter 1.
Don advised of upcoming cruises. Debbie Lee starts on May 10.
The Dust off is May 27.
50/50 winner was won by Ron Smith. He received $45.50

The old machine has been retired to the worn out copy machine home and a new one is now on the premises. Our thanks go out to Glenn Miller who graciously paid for this new machine for the sole use of the club. His desire to assist the club in this manner is greatly appreciated.

Well, Don and I have been out gallivanting all month, so not a whole lot is new here. Looking forward to cruising again. Debbie Lee's is May 10, followed by Family Tradition the following Wednesday. Also see the newsletter for details on our upcoming poker run on June 30th. We will be addressing and getting flyers for the 4th of July show ready to mail following the May meeting. Hope some of you can stay and help us out. Also, if you plan on helping with the 4th of July show, thank you in advance. We will always find a job for anyone who wants to help.
That is just about all I have at the moment, my brain is still bus tired.
See you at the meeting this month.
T. Hayes, President.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Bob and Brenda Greenert whose daughter, Pam, passed away on April 24, 2018. Pam and her daughter, Dakota, were often present with Bob and Brenda at the cruises around the area. Again our most sincere condolences on their loss.

Charles Boory
Randy Bowser Sr
Earl Burris
Mike Czubiak
William Henry Jr
John Lominski
Ed Fee

Dave Bowen
Dennis Harbaugh
Joe Odonnell Jr
Cliff Rumbaugh
Ron Weitzel
Joe Youkers
Dave Dillon
Alex Wigton

Cliff Barickman
Dave McCandless
Tom Sullivan

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
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