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AUGUST MEETING Jack McConnell is up and walking with a walker, keep up the good work Jack, every day will be getting easier for you to get around. T Hayes led the Pledge of Allegiance. Joe Mudrick read the minutes from the July meeting; there were no deletions or corrections. Motion to accept made by Dewy Hughes, second by Don Hayes.
Dave Harkins gave the treasurers report. Motion to accept given by Bonnie McNeil and second by Joe Mudrick. No report by our business secretary as he was at the shore with family.

Activities August 6th American Legion cruise was a very good success. 225 cars showed up for the evening. The Legion ran out of food. The 50/50 went for $237 to the winner. Thank You goes out to the Errera's for their DJ service for this cruise.

Cruises Hugger Mugger in New Castle cruise every Wednesday, Lowellville Ohio cruise every Monday, Kings restaurant on 224 in New Castle every Friday, September 3rd BASMA cruise at the Lyndora American Legion, and Back to the 50's on Labor Day weekend.
A discussion of having a multi club picnic at Moraine not feasible at this time, maybe ok for next year. Not knowing how many people we are allowed to have at an outside function? We are asked to wear masks at all times except when swimming. Also social distancing would be in force at all times. T spoke with the president of the Rapid Tappets and he has agreed to post pone any picnic till next year. Joe Mudrick sold some new shirts at the Legion cruise; he is going to order more shirts and sweatshirts. If you would like, contact Joe for your needs. Our raffle tickets are almost sold out. Please get your tickets to Dewy, sold or not. Every ticket counts. Don Hayes won 50 50 for $15.
Meeting adjourned by 8:00. Vice President, Dave Bowen

NEWSLETTER Just in case you thought your August newsletter was lost in the mail, we did not print one! There was not much to report and we decided to save the postage.

SEPTEMBER MEETING Just in case your interested in having dinner at the American Legion on meeting night, the kitchen is open only until 7:00 PM. Go early if you would like to order from the kitchen and eat before the meeting.

Can you believe it's September all ready? Don't forget that we have another cruise at the American Legion on Thursday, September 4.
Tell all your friends to get their cars out and come to the Legion.
The August cruise was a great success. We had around 225 cars there. The winner of the 50/50 got $237, and we sold 80 raffle tickets. It sure would be nice to repeat that in September. We are also looking at having a third cruise October 1 at the American Legion—same time as the others These cruises are the only events we have had to raise funds to keep the Club's bills paid and raise money for our charities and especially our scholarship for the Butler County Vo Tech.
The other way we are raising money is our annual Raffle.
Sales have been going very well. Dewey said that there are only 10 tickets left of the extra books bought by the club. So, if you still have your book of tickets lying around, either sell them, buy them or return them so we can get them sold. They are not doing the club any good lying around. The Christmas party is just around the corner.
More information will be provided in the October newsletter.
Due to lack of interest, there will be no picnic nor destination cruise this summer In October we will once again be picking a car to feature on our yearly dash plaque. Also, we will be having elections. There are three positions up for election this year---Butch Stock, Dave Harkins and me. As it stands right now, I will not be running again. I can't speak for the others. It is time that you younger members step up and put new ideas and new life into this club. After all' Biden is only 7 years older than me. Well, I have got to go pack. Going to see my daughter in Tennessee for a few days, we will be back for the cruise. Dave Bowen will be leading the September meeting as I am having cataracts removed that day, so see you at the October cruise. Your Prez, Terry Hayes

Nancy Seybolt
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Bonnie McNeil
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Nick Iannotti
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Shane Zinn
Mike Bowser
Jim Karam
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Steven Mccandless
Jack McConnell
Ann McGregor
Brian Snyder
Charles P Miller (Volant)
Frank Smith

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
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