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2019 Board of Directors
T Hayes
Dave Bowen
Dave Harkins
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Butch Stock
Joe Mudrick
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Meeting called to order at 7:29 1/2, just a little bit early by T Hayes.
20 members attended. Tom Sanderson donated money for 50/50 tickets to the club, also Glenn Miller donated money to the club. Thanks to both Tom & Glenn, the club appreciates the donations. Pledge of Allegiance was conducted by T Hayes. Old Business: Minutes were read by Dave Bowen, there were no additions or deletions or corrections. Minutes accepted by Don Hayes, second by Dave Wagner. Treasurers report given by Dave Harkins, their were no additions, deletions or corrections. Accepted by Dewey Hughes and second by Paul McDonald.
New Business: Dave Harkins gave the money collection for the 4th of July car show, incoming and outgoing bills. We did another great success this year for the club. Thank everyone who helped make this a success. Our raffle for gas cards will be September 5th at the Legion cruise, so please turn in money and tickets to Dewey Hughes by September 1st. If you have any tickets that you cannot sell, make sure you turn them in so we can sell them at the Legion cruise. Thank You. The family picnic will be at the American Legion Liberty Shelter on August 25th; starting at 2:00 PM. Members bring their own beverages and a desert or dish. The club will provide hot dogs and hamburgers, buns, silverware and plates. A long list of cruises were given out at the meeting, most of the cruises will be gone by the next newsletter so I will post after September 9th, our next club meeting. Hope Lutheran Church Cruise, Cranberry is October 5th, 11 to 4. 50/50 of $31 was won by
Bill Errera.
Meeting adjourned by 8:15.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 sharp. T Hayes led the pledge of allegiance. 25 members attended. There was no new member news to announce. Old Business: Minutes were read by Dave Bowen, there were no additions or deletions and only one correction by T Hayes. Subject was old timers changed to old farts, subject noted T. Thank you. Minutes accepted by Paulette Bowen and second by Paul McDonald. Treasurer report was given by Dave Harkins. There were no additions, deletions or corrections. Treasurer's report accepted by Joe Mudrick and second by Jim Bayer. New Business: Butch Stock talked about the family picnic, held at the liberty shelter on August 25th. The club will provide the hot dogs and hamburgers; members please bring a desert or dish.
The club has some pop and water left over from the 4th of July car show to be used. Mindy Hughes sold clothing at the car show and did a great job. Thanks Mindy. Thank you to Joe, Dave and Paulette, Don and T, Scott and Carolyn, Linda Stock, Donna Errera, Mindy Hughes, Randy Hughes, Dewey Hughes, Glenn Koegler, Bob and Brenda Greenert, Nancy Seybolt and anyone I forgot. Thank You for making the car show succeed! Good of the order: two new members. Jim Karum has a 1969 Dodge Charger RT and a 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda. Ronald Day has a 2008 Corvette and a 1951 Ford Truck. Welcome to our newest members. Saturday July 24th is the Hovis Auto car cruise. 50/50 was won by our speaker, Chris Galbreath, for $36. Speaker Chris Galbreath talked about the 108 Swap Meet on August 23, 24th and 25th. Car cruise Saturday for children with diabetes, $2 donation for the children. $7 per person for the swap meet admission, $10 weekend pass also available. Chris donated 3 vendor spaces and 3-car corral which will be drawn at the August meeting. Vendor spaces are $40.
Good of the order
Joe Mudrick found some real old Butler newspapers from the 1950's. Articles from car dealerships, advertisements. He said he has a table of free crap to be given away to anyone who is interested.
Talk about memories from the past, businesses and buildings that are no longer in existence, but some of us old farts still remember those Businesses! 50/50 was won by T Hayes for 25.50.
Wonder how that happened?
Meeting adjourned by 8:10 Vice President, Dave Bowen

On September 5 we will be having a cruise at the Legion and we will be drawing the winners of the Summer Raffle. If you want more tickets, we will be selling them at the cruise. The cruise is from 4:00 to 9:00. The American Legion will be offering food and beverages. If you want something from the bar, you must be a member to purchase your drink, and you may purchase for a guest. If you take a guest inside to the bar, you must sign in and sign in your guest. Also, please remember that you must take off your hat when you enter the bar. We will be drawing the Summer Raffle tickets at 7:00 and shortly after that we will be drawing the 50/50. We look forward to you coming out and supporting the club as this is the only cruise we are having this year. The Prospect VFD Car Cruise scheduled for 9/1 was cancelled due to the rain and is rescheduled for 9/8. The Artisan Restaurant will be having their last cruise on 9/22. For those of us who attended the clubís Family Picnic on Aug 25, we had good food and good fun. A very big thank you goes out to Butch and Linda Stock for all the effort they put forth getting ready for the picnic, cooking the food, running the games and making sure everything was cleaned up before we all left. Butch and Linda put in a lot of work each year to make the Family Picnic a fun time for everyone. This year, we didnít even have 25 people there. That is a downright shame. We try to do these activities for the members. It is our way of showing appreciation for all of you. But it seems that no one cares anymore. Thatís why there were no cruises this year. Thatís why no one wants to hold an office. We already had to reduce the board from 7 to 5, and we cannot reduce it again. And the ones on the board are the ones who are doing all the work and, if you look at the numbers, for almost nothing. This apathy cannot continue. If you donít like the leadership, take a place on the Board. The only end to this lack of participation and caring is that after 38 years the club may actually be facing folding. Is that what you all want? Donít forget, we will be having elections and picking the car for next yearís dash plaque at the October meeting.
T. Hayes, President.

Nancy Seybolt
Tom Sanderson

Steve Birckbichler
Eric Heitzer

Greg Angert
Bill Dillon
Nick Iannotti
Ernie Linder
Bob Stewart
Shane Zinn
Mike Bowser
Andrew Cherwaty

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
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Dues may be paid at the meetings or mail them to:
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