Butler Area Street Machine Association
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2021 Board of Directors
T Hayes
Scott Warburton
Dave Harkins
Business Secretary
Scott Warburton
Butch Stock
Dennis Haarbaugh
Club Clothing
Joe Mudrick
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Dave Wagner

Dave Harkins

T-shirts are available
from Joe Mudrick

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 sharp, Pledge of Allegiance
was led by T Hayes. In member news, Debbie Hughes (Craig's wife)
had a bad case of Covid19 but is on the mend.
We lost several members this year
Ron Smith
Paul McDonald
Deb Rumbaugh
and Bill Dillon.

The minutes were read by Scott Warburton, accepted by Joe Mudrick and second by Dave Bowen. Treasurers report was given by Dave Harkins, Accepted by Don Hayes and second by Art Schultz. Old & New Business: Gas card raffle winners were $250 to Gary Graham, sold by Dewey Hughes, $150 to Randall Moyer, sold by Andrew Cherwaty, $100 to Sonny Russell, sold by Don Hayes and $50 to Betsy Hauser, sold by Charles P Miller. Winning ticket sellers get a free membership for the year. Gary Graham donated his winnings back to the club. Thank You Gary! Final total for the raffle, the club made $708.38 plus the $250 donated back by Gary.
There was an impromptu board meeting to pull the gas card raffle tickets and to discuss the 2020 charities. " Joe Mudrick tried to first, second and even third motion"! Board decided to give $500 to Meals on Wheels and $500 to Robins House and $500 to the Vo-Tech scholarship fund.
We got a thank you from Meals on Wheels.

Butch Stock has 70 members listed in our club this month.

The American Legion wants 6 cruises this year, May thru October, the gas card raffle to be held in September. Plans for the 4th of July show are underway, Joe Mudrick is the go between us and the city for the park. Planning on some kind of multi club picnic and a club 40th anniversary celebration. Joe Mudrick has new clothing, see him for something special.
On a side note, Ernie Linder hasn't been seen, Joe heard he was traded to the Mets???
We are looking for advertising this year, that info is in the newsletter. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM
Vice President: Scott Warburton

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. In just a few days 2020 will be over. I know I will be glad to see it go. As the Christmas party was cancelled and the Raffle Tickets were supposed to be drawn on December 12, the Board of Directors met at our house to draw the winners. They were: $250.00 - Gary Graham - sold by Dewey Hughes $150.00 - Randall Moyer - sold by Andy Cherwaty $100.00 - Sonny Russell - sold by Don Hayes $50.00 - Betsy Hauser - sold by Charles P. Miller Dewey, Andy and Charles will receive free one year memberships for selling a winning ticket; Don will get a free one year membership for selling the most raffle tickets. Thanks to all who participated in this our only fund raising event of 2020. A special thank you also goes to Gary Graham who donated the $250.00 back to the club. For tax purposes, we had to decide on our charitable donations and amounts prior to the end of the year. So, a Board of Directors meeting was called and discussions were held by the Board regarding 2020 charitable donations. We of course will continue with our scholarship to Butler Vo-Tech for $500.00. It was also decided that we would again donate to Meals on Wheels for $500.00 and Robin's Home for $500.00. After motion by Joe Mudrick (his last as a BOD member) and second by Dave Harkins these amounts were passed and the treasurer was directed to send the checks out. The scholarship check was, of course, deferred until the end of the school year. Governor Wolf's closings is supposedly to end on January 4. That means that our regular meeting on January 11 we be held as usual at the Legion. However, should the mandates change, please watch our web site and Facebook page for any changes. The Board of Director's meeting will be held at the conclusion of the January meeting. It has been a hard year. We lost several of our members this year; Ron Smith, Paul McDonald, Deb Rumbaugh and Bill Dillon. Also, Jim Roudybush, a former member, recently passed away. We were unable to hold our 4th of July car show and most of our scheduled car cruises; meetings had to be cancelled due to mandated closings. But through it all, we able to keep in touch through the newsletter, our Facebook page and our web site. Special thanks goes out to Dave Harkins, Scott Warburton and Dave Wagner for all the work they do putting out these publications. Next year is the club's 40th anniversary and I am hoping that we can have some type of celebration. If you have any suggestions, please let a BOD member know. We are also looking into have a picnic with Rapid Tappets and other car clubs sometime next summer. So stick with us and we will have a good time making up for lost time from this year. I want to thank all of you for showing up this year, to the meeting we could have, to the cruises we could hold, and for staying with us through all of it.
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL T. Hayes, President

Bob Geibel
Kevin Koegler
Butch Master
Rick McClean
Charlie Miller (Butler)
Stan Hull

Terry Deal
Randy Hughes
Bob Kaylor
Ron Sanderson
Art Schultz
Gary Sherman
Al Worsley
Pete Piper

Robert Greenert
Duane Hughes
Jahn Hunka
Dave Krainbucher
Jack Weber

Randy Bowser Jr
Jake Pisor

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
Membership Application

Dues may be paid at the meetings or mail them to:
PO BOX 941
BUTLER, PA 16001