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2020 Board of Directors
T Hayes
Dave Bowen
Dave Harkins
Business Secretary
Butch Stock
Joe Mudrick
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February Meeting
Meeting called to order at 7:29 by president T Hayes. 16 members attended. Member News: Ron Smith had hip surgery, Ron is doing fine. Tom Sanders attended the February meeting, Tom is on a portable life machine, looks well, welcome Tom. Bonnie McNeil is doing well after her gall bladder operation. Frank Smith is not doing very good.
Pledge of allegiance was conducted by T Hayes.

Old Business:
minutes of the January meeting were read by
Dave Bowen, there were no corrections, deletions or additions. Motion to accept by Joe Mudrick and second by Randy Bowser Jr.
The treasurer report was given by Dave Harkins, there were no corrections, deletions or additions. Motion to accept by Bonnie McNeil and second by Cliff Rumbaugh. New Business: Nothing to report by Butch Stock as he was absent from the meeting. He is riding his snowmobile in Michigan. We will try to keep you off the volunteer list, just saying! Joe Mudrick has a new club design from Brice that he passed around to the members. There were some pro's and con's on the design. Nothing final as of yet. Joe will talk to Brice for other designs.
Upcoming events the club is looking for help with from members: 4th of July, A Celebration of Freedom Car Show. Fairground Market will do the food. Dewy and Randy Hughes will do the pop sales. Have not talked to Bob and Brenda Greenert to handle the door prizes. Dave and Paulette will do registration and total ballots. T Hayes will do the Chinese auction, needs help gathering baskets.

The American Legion will no longer be serving food on Monday's,
the bar will still be open and our meeting night will not change.
The BOD decided to keep the meeting night the same although there will be no food available. There will be no cost to the club for having our meetings on Mondays.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 sharp by president T Hayes. Pledge of allegiance conducted by T. 22 members attended the January meeting. Thank you letters from our donations have been received.
Old Business: Tom Sanderson's doctors have put him on a portable heart machine. Seems to be working for Tom. Get well soon Tom.
The December minutes were read by Dave Bowen, motion to accept by Joe Mudrick and second by Dewey Hughes. The treasurer report was given by Dave Harkins, motion to accept by Paulette Bowen and second by Buzzy Hull. New Business: Butch Stock said all is good with the membership, still have 80 members. Joe Mudrick is still looking for a new design for our clothing. This being our 39th year we might bring one of our older design's back for our shirts or look for a newer design for the 40th. All is undecided for now.
Events for the year: 4th of July car show, there will be a change in categories for trophies, best car, best truck, best motorcycle or special interest, best of show and 25 participant trophies. The Mayor trophy has been thrown out because of no attendance from the mayor for the last three years. Joe Mudrick has contacted the city for the park, we have been penciled in. Fairground Market has not got back to T to let her know if they will cater. Paulette and Dave will be doing the registration and ballots again this year. T will be doing the Chinese auction, but will need help getting donations. Jan Smith will DJ. Need to check with the Greenerts and the pop and water gang yet.
Summer Raffle: We will need someone to run the raffle. Raffle to be drawn at the September Legion cruise.
If there are to be any other cruises held by the club this year, we will need someone to step up and be cruise master. Like we said last year, if you want to do only one cruise that's fine or if you want to do more than one that would be fine also.
The letters for advertisers are going out, if you know someone who might want to place an ad, please get a form from a BOD member and pass it on. $50 a year for advertisement from April 1st to March 1st 2021.Good of the Order: Bill Errera said he would do the 50/50 at the meetings for the club. Thanks Bill. The 50/50 was won by Dave Harkins for $30. Meeting adjourned at 7:55.
Vice President-Recording Secretary, Dave Bowen

Here we go! This will be BASMA's 39th year. The reason we sustain is mainly due to the fine leadership we have had over the years.
This includes our founder, Mark McKinney, and other presidents and board members such as Joe Acquavita, Harvey Scott, Butch Stock,
Joe Mudrick, Dave Harkins, Art Schultz, Frank Smith, Butch Master, to name a few. It remains to be seen if you all feel if I fall in with this elite group. In fact, Butch Stock, Joe Mudrick and Dave Harkins were there at the beginning and they're still here. Thirty-nine years is a landmark.
No other car club in the area comes close to being around this long.
We have been active in the community with our charitable donations each year; we were an integral part of the City of Butler's annual Freedom Celebration. from the very beginning until it folded. All this we do quietly and with no big fanfare. So, the BOD has been thinking of a sustainable contribution to the community to share in our success.
What better way than to promote the future of automotive interest by starting a scholarship for Butler County Vo-Tech students studying in the various automotive fields of study. There is more information about this in the newsletter. I bring it up because we are going to discuss this at the February meeting. So if you have some concerns and/or something to say about it, you better be at the meeting because at the end of the meeting the BOD will finalize the project and hand it over to the Vo-Tech staff to put into action for this year's seniors. Also, at the February meeting, we will be discussing the coming year's events.
Some have already been scheduled, but there is always room for more activities. We are looking for people to help with the 4th of July car show; someone to take care of the Summer Raffle; anyone who would want to set up a cruise or a venue of cruises; help with the Family Picnic; and, yes, we have already started on the Christmas Party. So show up and raise your hand when asked for volunteers. I know the weather has been pretty goofy lately, but stay warm and especially
stay healthy.
T. Hayes, President

For a while now, the BOD has been talking about starting a scholarship for Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School, which will be an annual and continual program in perpetuity or however long the club wishes to continue with the scholarship. We chose the Vo-Tech because it is a county-wide school. The scholarship will be $500 for a senior student enrolled in one of the several automotive sections. In order for a student to be eligible for this scholarship, we have determined the following conditions:
1. The student must have a C average or higher.
2. The student must be enrolled in an automotive program, including Automobile, Collision Repair, or Diesel.
3. The student must be planning on attending a trade school, community college or four year college with an automotive field of study. Each year a memo will be sent to the teachers in the automotive areas of the
Vo-Tech to nominate a student for the scholarship. This memo must be turned in on or before April 30. Once the student has been picked for the scholarship, we will provide that student with the $500. To be able to meet the deadline for this year, we must submit our conditions very soon and provide the funds for the scholarship when they require the money. The scholarship needs a name.
Suggestions from the school are;
1. The Annual BASMA Scholarship,
2. The BASMA Most Valuable Automotive Student Award, or
3. The Excellence in Automotive/Collision Repair/Diesel Award,
4. Or we can come up with one of our own. Due to the fact that the deadline for teachers to nominate students is coming up in a very short time, this project will be discussed at the February regular meeting.
If you have concerns or wish to add something to the criteria for the students or you have a name for the scholarship you should be at the meeting as this will be the only time it will be discussed. At the end of the meeting, the BOD will finalize the details and notify the Vo-Tech of our decision to set up this annual scholarship.

Clifford Barickman
Dave McCandless

Bob Geibel
Kevin Koegler
Butch Master
Rick McClean
Charlie Miller (Butler)
Stanley Hull

Terry Deal
Ron Sanderson
Joel Geibel
Art Schultz
Gary Sherman
Al Worsley

Robert Greenert
Duane Hughes
John Hunka
Dave Krainbucher
Ron Smith
Jack Weber

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
Membership Application

Dues may be paid at the meetings or mail them to:
PO BOX 941
BUTLER, PA 16001