Shopbell Genealogy

Berks County, PA Land Deed Record

By Virtue of four Warrants - there was four Sundrus Surveys Maid. The one market with the letter A is part of Survey maid to Henry Sleger by a Warrant Dated the 25 day of March 1738 in Receipt Dated the 11 Day of April 1753 for two Hundred Acres And paid Ten pounds. And the said Henry Sleger sold unto Eberhard Shoppell. As it will appear by Convayance Dated 21 day of May 1763. Contain Eighty Eight Acres l13 perches And the Allowance. The Survey Market with the Letter B Surveyed unto George Hower Warrant Dated fourth day of April 1750 as it will Appear by Sundrus Convayances sold unto Eberhart Shoppell containing Sixty Acres and allowance. And the Survey Marcot C Surveyed unto Eberhart Shoppell in Right of Jeremiah Choppell. Warrant Dated the 15 day of April 1772 containing forty one Acres 52 perches and the Survey Market with the Letter D Surveyed unto Eberhart Shoppell by a Warrant Dated 27 day January 1785. Containing fifty seven Acres And the Allowance of All the above described Tracts of Land situated in Wensor Township Berks County the whole containing two hundred and forty seven Acres and the Allowance this 19 day of January 1786. The agrees to pay the office fees.

 A 77 acres 113 perches part of a tract on WT to H. Sleger dated 25 Mar. 1738
B 60 acres Surveyed on WT to George Hower 4th April 1750
C 41 acres 52 oerches on WT to Jere Shoppell l5th Apr 1772
D 57 acres on WT to Ebd Shoppell 28th Jan. 1785

 Total 247 acres Situated Windsor Twp. Berks County. Surveyed for Eberhard Shoppell