Shopbell Genealogy

History of the Shopbell Reunions

Family of Jacob Shopbell

The first reunion was held at the home of George Shidler September 29, 1883. Our father was there with us, it being just a year before his death. There were there 15 of the children living, ten of whom attended the reunion.

The second reunion was held on the Shopbell place in 1886. The third reunion was held at the upper Savannah lake in 1888.

The fourth reunion of June 10th, 1889.
The fifth reunion of Jun 17th, 1893.
The sixth reunion of Jun 9th, 1900.
The seventh reunion of Jun 8th, 1901.
The eighth reunion of Jun 14th, 1902.
The ninth reunion of Jun 11th, 1904.
The tenth reunion of Jun 7th, 1905.
All being held at McWilliams lake near Savannah.

The fourteenth reunion was held at Norris Grove near Nankin, August 7th, 1909.

There were only six children still living, one boy and five girls of the large family of 18 children.