Lineage of the Shopbell Surname from 1660 - France

Mark Chappelle a son of Isaac Chappelle belonged to the group of the Waldenser, which was a religious sect founded in 1176 by a rich merchant of Lyon with the name of Waldes. The members of this sect were oppressed by the catholic church since 1184 and lived in the underground. In 1699, many members of this group have been driven out of France and came to Wurttemberg, Germany, where they had their own church untill 1820.Some of them emigrated to America in the 1700s and 1800s.

According to Friedrich R. Wollmershauser a Genealogical researcher in Southwest Germany, Marcus Chapelle ,  whose death-entry he found in Lienzingen church-register at Jan 10, 1733: aged 70 and some years.
From information of Herr Eugen Bellon, Marcus came from the area called Diois, south of Lyon, France

Marcus Chapelle arrived in Durrmenz, Germany in 1699 with his wife and one child. In 1702, he is mentioned in a list of Waldenser in Durrmenz, aged 32, with his wife Anthoinette, aged abt. 30, and a daughter Marie aged 2.
( Source for this information from Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 240 Buschel 46f,. 189f. )

Charles Salomon Chapelle a son of Marcus Chapelle is listed as follows.
Extract from the baptism register of the Waldenser church Durrmenz, Germany ( This book is today at the Evang. Stadtpfarramt Muhlacker )

Charles       The 25th Nov. 1725 God has given a son to C. Salomon Chapelle
Salomon      and his wife Madeleine nee Simon, who has been brought to
Chapelle      baptism at 28th by Jeremie Maneval and his wife Madeleine nee
                   Arnaud. Monsieur Moutoux our minister has baptized him, and
                   his name is Jeremie.

Charles       The 3rd Oct. 1727 God has given a child to C. Salomon Chapelle
Salomon      and his wife Madeleine nee Simon, who has been brought to
Chapelle      baptism the 5th of this month by Monsieur the councillor and
                   grand-bailiff Burkhand Seubert,
                   and Madame his wife nee Fisher.
                   Baptized by Monsieur Moutoux our minister.
                   His name is Eberhard. ( Who died at a young age )

Charles       The 22nd August 1732 God has given a child to C.Salomon
Salomon     Chapelle and his wife Madeleine nee Simon, who has been
Chapelle     brought to baptism  the 24th of this month by Monsieur Eberhart
                  Maximilian Seubert, counselor, assessor and grand-bailiff at
                   Maulbronn, and MadameLouise, his wife, nee Fischer.
                   He has been baptized by Monsieur Moutoux our minister.
                   His name is Eberhart.

We find the original surname of Chapelle spelled many ways on court records,library records and land records. Some of which are Choppell, Schappell, Shabel,Schabell, Shapbell and the Ohio spelling of Shopbell, there are some notes of the Shopbell spelling being used in PA.
There may be others.

The above mentioned Eberhart Chapelle left Germany at age 19 on the ship Patience, with Hugh Steel as Captain.
Arriving at Philadelphia,PA  Sept. 1751

Eberhart's brother Jeremie came on the same ship in 1753.
They both located in Windsor Castle, Berks County Pa. Both became land owners and their descendents became one of the largest land owners in the state.

Eberhart and Jeremie were 2 of the fonders of Zion's church of Windsor castle in 1774.
Jeremie and many of his descendents are buried in this cemetery.
Sometime after 1785 where we find land Surveys for Eberhart, he left that area and to this day we have not been able to locate his burial though we do have searchers looking for it.

Eberhart Schappell was married to Catherine Biegler and to them was born 5 children that we know of, they are, Daniel, Catherine,Mathias, Mearit and Sabilla.
Daniel was married to Phillipina Schneider and their children as follows,
Jeremias, Elizabeth, Hanna, Solomon, Catharina and Jacob.

Jacob married Catherine Mocherman first and they had children as follows.
Mary, Andrew, Susan, Pheaby, Magdalana and Daniel,
Catherine died in Berks County Cty. PA in 1822
Jacob married 2nd to Lydia Ann Zigler Mar. 6, 1825.
Jacob Shopbell and his second wife moved to Orange township of  ( then Richland ) now Ashland county in 1832.
They had children in estimated sequence, these were:

John  1826-1905  ( M Clarissa Girky )
Elizabeth  1829-1866  ( M John Rickett )
Sarah  1830-1888  ( M Samuel Rickett )
Samuel 1831-1908  ( M Sophia Cassel )
Catherine  1834-1908  ( M George Shidler )
Barbara  1836- ??  ( M John Robertson )
Agnes  1838- ??   ( M Israel Richards )
David  1841-1919  ( M 1st Rebecca Richey she died 1877 )  ( M 2nd Lucinda Richey sister of Rebecca , she born 1852 died 1893
Rachel  1844-??  ( M Samuel Karth 0
Leah  1847- ??  ( M George Cassel )
Lydia Ann 1850-1917  ( M William Hess )

Of the 17 children 15 were living when the first Shopbell reunion was held Sept. 29, 1883 at the home of George Shidler. The 114th reunion was held July 20th 1997 at the Kendig House in Hayesville,Ohio.
 Jacob died Mar. 6, 1884 aged 95 years, and is buried in St. Lukes Cemetery near Nankin,Ohio

Jacob's son David and his 1st wife Rebecca had 3 children James, Florence and Leah.
With his 2nd wife had - Leah, Estella, Willis, Charles, Edna, Cloyd, Elizabeth, and Henry.

Cloyd married Eunice Fulk and their children are Mildred, Clarence , Lee, George and Russell.

Catherine ( Shopbell ) Shidler had written of the family in 1880 and some of those writings have been entered in Baughmann's History of Ashland County Also Duff's history.

Although we are forever grateful for her having recorded that history, we have since learned some is incorrect , such as Eberhart being 104 years of age and worked in the field the day before he died. We have since been told of court records where his son Mathias applied for his share of his Fathers estate at a date which made him 77 years at death.(We have yet to find proof of these records).

She also mentioned Eberhart saw his parents beheaded in France , But we do have document  stating he was born in Germany. Catherine was born in Ohio in 1834 2 years after Jacob,  her father moved here so she was writing from word of mouth and memory of her elders.

There may yet be discrepancies to the information, but we are trying to correct anything as we find it. Anyone knowing of any corrections please contact me and we will do our best to add to or make those corrections.

Anyone wanting more information on the history can contact Russell Shopbell

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