Journalism by David Knox



Law & Disorder

Anatomy of a teen suicide (7/25/2013) (pdf)

HIV: Prison's hidden cost (3/17/2002) (pdf)
Getting tough on moms who kill (3/1/1998)
No fault felonies (1/12/1998)
Taking the rap in the name of love (11/3/1996)
Without judge or jury (7/1/1996)
Ohio's code of the west (12/12/1993)

The American Dream: Hanging by a Thread

Incredible shrinking paycheck (9/30/2007) (pdf)
The very things that define the middle class slipping out of reach (3/16/2008)
Degree can't always open door to middle class (4/13/2008)
Bosses join the unemployment line (5/25/2008)
Health-care matchup finds Ohio falls short (7/20/2008)
Social Security more solvent than most Americans realize (8/24/2008)

Follow the Money

Superintendent's contract piles on perks (3/15/2013) (pdf)

Double-dipping superintendents (6/20/2010) (pdf)

Questions left by probe (3/1/2003) (pdf)
New questions in ethics case (4/20/2003) (1/23/2003) (pdf)
Elite donors sway presidential primary in Ohio (1/23/2000)
Utility employees brighten Bush's coffers (10/10/1999)

Hurting Ohio

Recession scars affluent Ohio county (12/4/2014) (pdf)

Job growth stunted (3/11/2014) (pdf)

Ohio losing high-tech jobs (1/24/2013) (pdf)

Ohio No. 1 -- in job loses (8/13/2006) (pdf)
New era for workers (4/3/2005) (pdf)
Life and debt (6/13/2004) (pdf)
Goodbye, Ohio: Exodus of workers in the '90s (7/8/2001)

Endangered youth

Loose seat belt laws (3/2/2001)
Destined to fail (12/11/2000)

Militant Voices

Militias: Maligned & misunderstood (4/14/1996)
Anti-tax group zeroes in (10/25/1993)

Saints & Sinners

Dancers defend nude bar (6/17/1996)
State, church share a shrine (7/9/1995)

Southern Exposures

In Mexico, hardship cuts deep (10/22/1995)
NAFTA helps Mexico survive (10/22/1995)

True Crimes & Corporate Misdemeanors

Eddie Sexton's cult of depravity (1/30/1994)
Tales of lost children (2/6/1994)
Thomas Dillon: Hunter of humans (1/24/1993)
Preying on innocence (2/6/1992)
The house impropriety wrecked (3/8/1992)
An X-rated surprise (4/7/1994)

Death & Taxes

Ohio takes licking on food stamps (7/14/1996)
Three seconds to live (3/28/1995)
Warnings ignored (4/2/1995)
Stark County's super townships (11/28/1993)
Robbing Peter to pay Paul (6/21/1993)

Across the Racial Divide

Akron blacks fare worse in Great Depression(12/19/2010) (pdf)

Blacks: Stopped short of success (11/2/93)
New judge axes blacks from staff (2/19/1997)

Short Takes

Monica mania
Playing the name game
Naked greed
Rush to judgment
Not even under torture