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Welcome To Eric Miller's Nathan Airchime, Airchime, and Leslie

Diesel Electric Locomotive Air Horn's from the 1940's to the 1990's.

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FOR SALE Nathan Airchime K5HA 1989 ex-Norfolk Southern locomotive #3534
Canadian Airchime M5 #4022 1957 ex-PGE locomotive #613
Leslie Tyfon A-200-233-PB 1953 ex-PSR Pittsburg Shawmutt RR locomotive #238
Leslie Supertyfon S5T 1953 ex-CNW locomotive #518
Burnett Hexatone H5 #22 1949 ex-BCH locomotive #940 and ex-M&ET #601
Leslie Supertyfon S3J 1952 ex-PRR
Robert Swanson Airchime Vancouver BC T5
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The horn's you see on my website are not for sale. If/when I do decide to sell them. I will post on this here website that they are for sale. And only then I will take offers for my collection of horns. If you wish to discuss any horn's on here or horn's you own. Please E-mail me via this website. Thank You

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Here in my website is my collection of Nathan Airchime, Airchime, and Leslie diesel electric locomotive air horns page. I have been collecting train horns and items from the railroad since 2008 and in that amount of time I have acquired all of these amazing horns. On my website you will see and hear the sounds of the past. Also there is history on most of my collection of horns. It wasn't easy getting some of these rare horns that I own today. So anybody that collects train horns knows what all these horns can cost and how hard they are to come by. Also I always loved trains as a kid my Dad and Mom bought me toy trains as a kid. My dad also worked in Clairton Steel Mill on a switcher in the Mill pushing empty's and full cars back on to the mainline. Also I grew up with Conrail Railroad here in southwestern PA. I used to go down to the river here in Fayette City to go fishing to just watch the trains come by. And when I was old enough to drive I would go all over the place along the Monongahela River, and Youghiogheny River here in PA. And another reason I also collect these old train horns from the past is to preserve the history 1 horn at a time. And I just love the sounds of the past. Those days are gone, but if you want to hear sounds from the past you are in the right place. I hope everyone enjoys my Nathan Airchime, Airchime, and Leslie diesel electric locomotive air horns page. Also all of the horns on my web site are restored to like new or better than when they were new.

Tell me what you think about my Nathan Airchime, Airchime, and Leslie diesel electric locomotive air horn web site. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions. I also buy train horns in any condition and any railroad related items. I now have 50 horn's total now as of 02/17/19.

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