Bachman/Baughman Genealogy

1. Martin Bachmann (1558) of Langnau, Bern, Switzerland

Child of Martin

2. Ulrich Bachmann (1600) of Lauperswil, Bern , Switzerland

Children of Ulrich

3. Nicolaus Bachmann (1633) of Hirschland, Alsace, France.

Children of Nicolaus

4. Hans Jacob Bachmann (1676) of Hirschland, Alsace, France

Child of Hans Jacob

5. Jacob Bachman (1704) of Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County, Pa.

Children of Jacob

6. Paul Bachman (1744) of Lynn Township, Lehigh County, Pa.

Children of Paul

7. Lawrence Bachman/Baughman (1783) of Red Bank Township, Clarion County, Pa.

Children of Lawrence

8. John Baughman (1809) of Beaver Township, Jefferson County, Pa.

Children of John

9. William Baughman (1836) of Beaver Township, Jefferson County, Pa.

Children of William

10. Oren Clifton Baughman (1874) of Franklin, Venango County, Pa.

Children of Oren

11. Waldo Emerson Baughman (1904) of Butler, Butler County, Pa.

Children of Waldo


a. Martin Bachmann  married  Appolonia Hofer on November 5, 1581.  Marriage is recorded on page 205, Marriage Register of the Biglen Protestant Church, Bern Canton.

Child of Martin and Appolonia:

Ulrich Bachmann (1600)

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b. Ulrich Bachman was baptised in the Langnau Protestant Church on May 25, 1600, he married ca. 1630 to Anna Grogg.

Children of Ulrich and Anna:

Jacob Bachmann (1631)

Nicholas Bachmann (1633)

Anna Bachmann (1639)

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c. Nicholas Bachmann was baptised in the Lauperswil Protestant Church on July 28, 1633 and married on October 25, 1661 in Hirschland, Alsace, France to Christina Bruah, daughter of Jean Bruah and Margaret Meyel.

Children of Nicholas and Christina:

Marzall Bachmann (1662)

Ulrich Bachmann (1668-1738)

Eva Bachmann (1672)

Hans Jacob Bachmann, baptized May 14, 1676 in Hirschland, Alsace, France

Ottilia Bachmann (1679)

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d. Hans Jacob Bachmann was married on January 15, 1704 in Diedendorf, Alsace, France to Elizabeth Carl, daughter of Jacob Carl.

Children of Hans Jacob and Elizabeth:

Jacob Bachman, born July 25, 1704 in Hirschland, Alsace, France

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e. Jacob Bachman was married on March 5, 1726 in Hirschland, Alsace, France. to Magdalena Zinck, daughter of Johann Zinck and Anna Hoschar.

Children of Jacob and Magdalena:

Christina Margaretha Bachman (1727)

Maria Elisabetha Bachman (1729) Spouse: Fredrich Hirsch

Jacob Bachman (1731) Spouse: Elizabeth Reichel

Lorentz Bachman (1734) Spouse: (1) Margaret Kistler, (2) Susan Kistler

Susanna Catharina Bachman (1737)

Nicholas Bachman (1738) Spouse: (1) Maria Magdalena, (2) Margaret Haupt

Paul Bachman, born August 10, 1744 in Hirschland, Alsace, France

Ottilia Bachman (1746) Spouse: Jacob Barral

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f. Paul Bachman was married ca. 1768 to Margaretha Hantz in Lehigh County, Pa.

Children of Paul and Margaretha:

Catharine Bachman

Jacob Bachman (1770)

John Nicolaus Bachman (1775)

Margaret Bachman (1776)

Christian Bachman (1777) Spouse: Catharine Suther

Maria Magdalena Bachman (1782) Spouse: Jacob Voller

Lawrence Bachman, born November 17, 1783 in Lynn Township, Lehigh Co., Pa.

David Bachman (1785)

Andrew Bachman

Daniel Bachman (1787)

Esther Bachman (1788)

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g. Lawrence Bachman/Baughman was married on April 24, 1806 in Washington Township, Northumberland Co., Pa. to Maria Catharine Heim, daughter of George Heim and Rosina Miller.

Children of Lawrence and Maria:

Anna Maria Baughman (1807) Spouse: John Sugars

John Baughman, b: Mar 14, 1809 in Washington Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa.

Catharine Baughman (1811) Spouse: John Brosius

Paul Baughman (1813) Spouse: Elizabeth Berkhouse

Sarah Ann Baughman (1820) Spouse: John Dinger

Elizabeth Baughman (1828) Spouse: Michael Reitz

Margaret Ann Baughman (1829) Spouse: Joseph Wonderling

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h. John Baughman was married ca.1833 in Red Bank Township, Clarion Co., Pa. to Rebecca Stewart, daughter of William Stewart and Mary Wilson.

Children of John and Rebecca:

Lawrence P. Baughman (1834-1902) Spouse: Sarah Shields

William Baughman, born Mar 12, 1836 in Red Bank Twp., Clarion Co., Pa.

Jane Baughman (1838-1903)

Robert Baughman (1840-1920) Spouse: Abigail Ann Space

Martha Baughman (1843-1851)

John Baughman (1846-1915) Spouse: Fietta Himes

Susannah Baughman (1849-1901) Spouse: John A. Montgomery

Catharine Baughman (1851-1851)

Rebecca Baughman (1853-1906) Spouse: Talbot A. Cuthbert

Elisabeth Baughman (1856-1929) Spouse: Charles M. Smathers

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i. William Baughman was married ca.1859 in Beaver Township, Jefferson Co., Pa. to Sarah Adeline Edmonds, daughter of Thomas Edmonds and Jane Kroh.

Children of William and Sarah:

Mary Jane Baughman (1860-1938) Spouse: Edmund C. Shields

Anna Arminta Baughman (1862-1909) Spouse: Samuel A. Bishop

Ida Alice Baughman (1864-1941) Spouse: James A. Byerly

Melvin Caro Baughman (1867-1936) Never married.

Laura Evira Baughman (1868-1925) Spouse: James M. Radaker

Thomas Edmund Baughman (1870-1953) Spouse: Rebecca L. Reitz

John Wilson Baughman (1872-1955) Spouse: Minerva Melzer

Oren Clifton Baughman, born Sept 3, 1874 in Clover Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa.

Blanche Romay Baughman (1876-1932) Spouse: Frank J. Gough

Harry Lester Baughman (1878-1903)

Rutherford Ruelson Baughman (1880-1969) Spouse: Nellie M. Rhine

Margaret Scott Baughman (1882-1957) Spouse: Jacob E. Hilliard

Grover Cleveland Baughman (1884-1941) Spouse: Jane M. Merrick

Roy Adelbert Baughman (1886-1973) Spouse: Martha Clarke

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j. Oren Clifton Baughman was married on January 15, 1900 in Heathville, Jefferson Co., Pa. to Minnie Treva Dinger, daughter of William Mark Dinger and Mary Jane Brosius.

Children of Oren and Minnie:

William Harry Baughman (1900-1909)

Frank Eugene Baughman (1901-1968) Spouse: Elizabeth E. Neidich

Carrie Naomi Baughman (1902-1975) Spouse: Blake Bullers

Waldo Emerson Baughman, born Mar 3, 1904 in Beaver Twp., Jefferson Co., Pa.

Beulah Bell Baughman (1906-1981) Spouse: Roy Gould

Freda Pearl Baughman (1907-1984) Never married.

Melvin Caro Baughman (1909-1996) Spouse: Mamie L. McCleery

Clarence Ray Baughman (1911-1986) Spouse: Mary P. Moore

Ida Alice Baughman (1912-1913)

Earl Wilson Baughman (1914-1965) Spouse: Pauline E. Singleton

Merle Bryon Baughman (1914- 1999) Spouse: Bernice A. Finch

Goldie Gwendolyn Baughman (1916-1987) Spouse: Henry O. Finch

Oren Clifton Baughman (1918-1961) Spouse: Hazel Cramer

Homer Leroy Baughman (1920-1986) Spouse: Audine A. Finch

Gerald Lewis Baughman (1922-1995) Spouse: Ruth A. Shepard

Geraldine Louisa Baughman (1922-1922)

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k. Waldo Emerson Baughman was married on February 10, 1925 in Butler, Butler Co., Pa. to Florene Minnie Weitzel, daughter of Joseph Herman Weitzel and Nancy Annette Fleeger.

Children of Waldo and Florene:

Pauline Thelma Baughman (1925-1988)

Edward Waldo Baughman (1927)

Leta May Bell Baughman (1929-2013)

Vivian Velma Baughman (1931-1985)

Donald Leroy Baughman (1932)

Patricia Jeanine Baughman (1935-1997)

Treva Joan Baughman (1937-2007)

Gwendolyn Pearl Baughman (1939-1999)

Gary Lamont Baughman (1945-1971)

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