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The following chart gives us a broad picture of the financial markets history and outlook. For this purpose, these markets are represented by four asset classes: US TBills, US TBonds, Equities, and Commodities. US TBills is calculated at a maturity and duration of zero (no principal change with changes in interest rate), and effectively represents Treasury money markets, US dollars and "cash equivalents". US TBonds is calculated at infinite maturity (interest only, zero coupon duration reciprocal of rate) and effectively represents annuities and the longest maturity Treasury bonds. Commodities is a hard money focused spot price index comprising mostly gold and some copper. Equities includes all stocks, foreign and domestic. Charts for several quarters commencing mid-2012 are presented below. The charts show natural log total return, each relative to the mean of the four, with very short and long term trends removed. These charts are generated using an original modeling algorithm we call Synthetic Systems.

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