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Marji with harp, September 2007

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The 3rd Sunday Gathering our mountain dulcimer group, meets at the Essex House in Ashland

Genealogy --  some of my ancestors, though the most interesting story showed up in my DNA which suggests descent from the Ice Age Mammoth Hunters

The Public Domain Information Project  was a plot I hatched back in the 1960s when the spots where I was an itinerant folksinger couldn't afford to pay ASCAP fees. As long as I (and others) played our own music or stuff that was no longer under copyright, no license fees were required. In 1992 I put PDinfo on the web as a non-profit service to musicians who couldn't afford royalties and it immediately attracted heavy traffic and a LOT more work than I could handle. Eventually a younger, more energetic person came along to adopt it and carry it to the next level. Now it's a commercial site located in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to be a major source of information for those looking for an alternative to the commercial music mainstream. If you haven't visited recently, do. You'll find many additions beyond what I had gathered. Please support the project by buying your unencumbered music source materials from Lynn at PDinfo so this fine service can continue to be offered. 

Cousin Linda's Baskets Etcetera web site that in its active years was one of the best basket sites on the web, so well respected that the Encyclopedia Britannica gave it an award and used it as a resource. The first Christmas I was in Ashland (1995), I made her a starter page to help her begin a web site of her own and over the years it took to grow her site, I was available to help with technical issues. It's still there though she hasn't tended it for a long time. But I'm happy to see that she hasn't removed it because it's still a very fine example of what can be done when a person has both love for and expert knowledge of a handcraft.

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