picture of dishcloth
made with ecru Peaches And Cream cotton yarn

Basic Knitted Dishcloth with Picot Edge

 (just-past-beginner version) 
 Edited by: Granny Emm  

To complete this project, you must have the following knitting skills:  
    cast on
    count stitches on the needle
    do the knit stitch (no purl stitch needed in this pattern)
    knit two together (also called decrease)
    yarn over
    cast off using a crochet hook
    conceal yarn ends

You will need these supplies
a ball of Sugar and Cream or equivalent cotton yarn; (before using strongly colored yarn, test a piece to be sure it’s colorfast)
a pair size six or eight knitting needles, (6 if you like thick fluffy dishcloths, 8 for more pliable ones that will dry faster); I like wooden or bamboo needles, but metal or plastic is fine if that’s what you prefer.
a size G crochet hook,
a yarn needle,
Optional: row counter  

Cast on 4.
Row 1: Knit in each of those 4. Be sure to leave enough of a "tail" of yarn (I leave 4 to 6 inches) to weave into the work later.
Reverse needles so stitches are on needle in left hand.
Row 2: Knit in each stitch across row. You will again have 4 stitches on the needles.
Rows 3 to 43 (or 49): *Knit in first stitch. Knit in second stitch. Yarn over. Knit in each stitch to end of row. Reverse needles.**
Repeat from * to ** until there are 43 (w/ #8 needles) or 49 (w/ #6 needles) stitches on your needle Decrease
***Knit in first stitch. Knit next two together. Yarn over. Knit next two together.
Knit in each stitch on across to end of row.
Reverse needles.****
Repeat from *** to **** until there are only 4 stitches on the needle. This is a good project for socializing. You only need to pay close attention to the first four stitches in each row and you don’t need to count rows while decreasing. First four stitches correct each time will bring you eventually to the final four stitches.
Knit 1 in each of those four stitches.

Cast off by your favorite method or, using a size G crochet hook, pick up two stitches nearest the "tail" of thread. Yarn over and draw loop through those two stitches. You now have one loop on the crochet hook.  ** **Pick up the next loop from the knitting needle. Yarn over and draw through those two loops.*** * Repeat ** ** to *** * once more. Then yarn over and draw through the single remaining loop. Clip yarn leaving a tail long enough to weave into the work. Use a yarn or tapestry needle to weave each of the two tails into the border. NOTE: these dishcloths last longer if you mesh bag them for both washer and dryer.

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There are many versions of this pattern. Folk wisdom among crafters is that it is very old and long ago fell into public domain. If the original is still under copyright and/or you have documentation that you are the original designer of this excellent little item, please contact me and I will proceed as copyright law requires. Thank you.

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