Stanley Hazen's genealogy blank

for the new edition of  The Hazen Family In America

posted 23 Jan 2001

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To fill out, simply open the page in Mozilla Composer; fill in the blanks, remove the text above the horizontal line; then print out and snail mail a hard copy of the resulting form to Stanley (see address at bottom of form). If you don't have Mozilla Composer or some other program that will edit an html page, print out the form, fill it in, and mail.

Data Sheet for Hazen Family History
If you are not sure, enter the information with a "?" mark -- it will provide clues for further research.

My Full Name
My birth place / date
Father's Full Name
His birth place / date
His death place / date
Mother's full maiden name
Her birth place / date
Her death place / date
Their marr. / div. place / date
My brothers and sisters and
their birth place / date.

(Please give addresses of all 
living siblings on back

My spouse's (maiden) name
Our marr. / div. place / date.
Spouse's birth place / date
Spouse's father's full name
Spouse's mother's maiden name
Name of my children and
their birth place /date.

(please give addresses of all
grown children living
elsewhere on back.)

My other spouses
My occupation
My present address / phone
Please include other information (education, occupations, interests, places and dates of residence, etc., on the back of this sheet
Please return to: Stanley S. Hazen, PO Box 6282, Charlottesville, VA 22906-6282; 
phone (804) 963-9090    FAX: (804) 963 9091

For information, contact

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