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The present "official" Casler family genealogist is Clark Casler (snailmail address available upon request).

I have in hand a genealogy apparently made by Robert E. Casler of Liverpool, NY which traces the family back to Johannes Kessler, Holland, 1695.

Below are a few items that may be of interest to other Casler descendants. Pictures on this page are from the collection of Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Casler Hazen, daughter of John Lynn Casler, unless otherwise credited.

Our Casler Ancestors who served in the Civil War
2nd Lieut. Alonzo A. Casler,  Company G, 154th Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry, official Civil War portrait from the Carlisle Military History Archive, Carlisle, PA. This photograph was apparently taken of a large framed picture. In the original from the archive, one can see parts of a heavy old-fashioned frame and reflections indicating a convex glass covering the picture. I have cropped the frame and edited out the reflections in this version of the portrait. Reflections did not obscure the face at all and a copy of the original photo can be posted temporarily for downloading if you request it.

Alonzo Casler was married to Cinderella Gibbs to whom he wrote long, affectionate letters during his Civil War service.

Captain Benjamin Giles Casler, Company A, 154th Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry, official Civil War portrait from the Carlisle Military History Archive, Carlisle, PA. Alonzo and Benjamin were brothers. 

There is also a picture of a Marcus Casler in the archive. He is probably also a relative.

A. A. Casler's first wife, Cinderella Gibbs, mother of his four children, died young. Cinderella was the recipient of many interesting letters from A.A. during his service in the Civil War. Some of these letters are in HECH's collection. If anyone has others and would like to share the contents, please e-mail us.
A. A. Casler's 2nd wife, Sara Elizabeth, who became the children's stepmother

Standing: Sons Glenn and Lon, Seated: Alonzo A. and son John Lynn Casler. Not shown: daughter Cassie who died in her late teens.

Left to right: ?, ?, Sylvia Dell Mowry 
(info on this picture would be appreciated)
Sylvia Dell Mowry, married John Lynn Casler

Dean (died young in Big Pine, CA), Sylvia and John, Glenn (became vaudeville entertainer & died of consumption c. 1929), Emmet (see picture below) Giles and Charles (see picture below)

Descendents of John Lynn Casler
If you happen to have the rest of the caption to this clipping from the Mansfield Tire plant's in-house newsletter, 
please share it with me. 
 Newman St. School First Grade, 1917
Fartherest Left, back row, Raleigh Casler (wearing hat)
Front Row, wearing white dress, Helen Casler
Helen had seven brothers:
Emmet, Glenn, Dean, Edwin, 
Raleigh, Charles, and Giles

Sarah Elizabeth and A.A. Casler
Cinderella Gibbs and A.A. Casler
 Morris Gibbs, brother of Cinderella Gibbs,
Civil War service in the Pennsylvania Artillery,
Photo from the Carlisle Military History Archive
(copy shared by Mary Schack)
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