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John A. Doss Family - Lawrence County, Illinois, c. 1872
This is a picture of my paternal grandmother's mother, Mary Elizabeth Doss (left) at approximately 12 years of age. She was born 26 June 1860 in Lawrence County, IL. This picture also includes her mother, Elizabeth Briner Stanfield Doss, her father - John A. Doss, and her brothers Steve and Tom Doss. (There were also numerous half-brothers and sisters belonging to both the father and the mother separately. The original of this picture was a tintype approximately 8 x 8 inches. It has unfortunately deteriorated to complete obscurity. It is reported that this family has been traced back to 1600s Virginia and an ancestor, Azariah Doss served in General George Washington's personal guard during the Revolutionary War.

Visitors to Ohio c. 1910
Mary Elizabeth Doss (widow of William Pleasant Umfleet), her daughter Pheobe May Umfleet (Mrs. Ralph Hazen), Fred Umfleet (May's brother). This picture was taken soon after May and Ralph were married when the Umfleet in-laws came for a visit, travelling from Lawrence County, Illinois to Perrysville, Ohio by horse and buggy.

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