picture of Ashland County First Families pinDescendants of Gurdon and Elizabeth HAZEN

Gurdon> William> Jacob> Jacob> Thomas> Edward

Gurdon was a son of William Hazen and Hannah Packard 
The family and archivists
who have looked at it,
believe this to be a photo
of Harrison Hazen in his
Civil War uniform

Harrison Hazen b. 1816 in Richland County, Ohio

son of Gurdon (b. Norwich, Mass.) and Elizabeth Potter (b. & m. New York State) Hazen

Descendants of Harrison Hazen and Mary Jane Miles were accepted as members of First Families of Ashland County (Ohio) in November 1999.

The following documentation for Harrison Hazen family's status as an Ashland County pioneer have been found

Children of Harrison Hazen and Mary Jane Miles: Still needed

The ancestor of our branch of the family:

Harrison "Harry" Miles Hazen

b. 7 June 1857
m. Malinda Zehner Ashland County, OH 19 Mar 1878

Their children:

12 page souvenir booklet which was distributed to those attending the First Families dinner contains good quality pictures of Harry Miles and Malinda Hazen and their children at different ages, 5 generation chart, and information about our Hazen and Zehner ancestors. Copies are available for $15.00 each prepaid.

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