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An online genealogy says William Umfleet arrived in Barbados from Amfleet, England in 1623. His was one of forty farm families sent out from England to farm the island. If this is true, there should be records of the family in the archives there. If anyone has seen or has copies of these records, I would like to hear from you.

William Pleasant Umfleet Homestead, near Fiske, Misouri, Autumn 1897
Jake Umfleet, my grandmother's youngest brother, was born at the end of January, 1898. Soon after that, illness struck the family and William Pleasant Umfleet died. Mary could not continue on the homestead without a husband, so returned to Lawrenceville, Illinois where her children were fostered out and she worked to support herself and them as best she could. Fred, the oldest son, also worked to help his mother and spent the rest of his life selflessly as her protector. My grandmother, Phoebe May Umfleet, was fostered out to "Aunt and Uncle Carmony" who permitted her to complete the third grade before she was taken out of school and put to work in their home. Steve Doss, Mary's brother did succeed in completing the requirements to claim a homestead in Misouri in 1896. Perhaps his descendants are still there.

Phoebe May Umfleet, age 7, 
with Aunt and Uncle Carmony
After the fostering agreement was made, one of the first things the Carmonys did was have this photo taken of themselves with "their little girl". 
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