Kitty passed away from old age in the spring of 2005. She lived well and avidly at least 12 years beyond what the vet predicted when we first rescued her. Two weeks after she left us, we adopted another waif, pretty little Delphi, whose autobiography will one day inherit the main page of our kitties bio section.


a picture of beautiful me

This glamour shot of me was created by an artist who used
Photoshop to tweak my coat colors to create an imaginative
interpretation of my tertiary calico coloring.  It's interesting,
of course, but the pictures below are more like the real me.  

January 2002
We help out a friend in need.
That beautiful face at the left belongs to Uther who looks like a real old fashioned Maine Coon Cat. When Uther's family moved away, they just left him and his sister behind. For a long time Uther lived under a bush here at the apartment complex. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer because he was such a nice guy even if he was really scruffy-looking with his coat all full of burrs like that. So I brought him home and let him have some supper from my dish. Several people in the complex here worked on getting the burrs and dirt out of his coat. One lady even took a chance and gave him a bath so it would be easier for someone who had a place for another cat to decide to take him in. As far as charming his way into our family, I left that part up to him, not telling him what a softie my human is for a sad story. Why make it too easy. He needs to appreciate his good luck. Sure enough, my human was just as charmed as I am with him and took over his veterinary care. He sure had been neglected, but he cleaned up really well and is now a handsome fluffy guy with no more ear mites. His littermate is still hiding under the bushes. We haven't been able to get her to trust us yet, but soon as we can persuade her to come in out of the cold and get checked out by the vet, there's a kind human down in the village waiting to give her a home. Meanwhile our Uffy has made friends with the other cats in the complex and goes to visit them and also finds a welcome with some of the other tennants. I think they are giving him milk though, which my human does not approve. She says milk doesn't agree with cats. I have my doubts about that; milk tastes pretty good to me. I'll take some whenever I can get it. Meanwhile, Uffy is a lot of fun to have around. My human really really likes him.

March  19, 2002
We couldn't keep Uther any longer. The landlord said my human can't have two cats -- only one -- and since I was here first, the keeper is ME! He also reminded The Mama that no cats are allowed to run free here. Well, Uther still has his claws and has been an outdoor cat too long to submit to confinement. So with that one-two whammy, being between a rock and a hard place, my human had to send Uffy to a shelter. At least it's a no-kill shelter with good health care and as comfortable an environment as possible for all the kitties who live there. We are hoping that somebody will go and adopt him soon. He needs a home where he can safely be an indoor/outdoor cat with people who will accept and encourage his affectionate, cheerful nature. Uffy deserves to be somebody's beloved pet. Too bad he couldn't stay here, but at least he left here healthier and more adoptable than when he came.

Even sadder! Uffy's sister, not having an advocate like Uffy's, was found wandering around hoping somebody would leave something out for her to eat. Because her coat is a beautiful bright red and white, she was too noticeable, so was easily caught and taken to the pound.

15 September 2000:


I got mail last Wednesday, WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE mail, a little package of a new cat food, Whiskas with Savory Nuggets. Folks, it's better than Friskies Mature, even better than Iams dry (because P&G must have changed the formula on that and now I don't like it any more), better even than canned cat food!!! A coupon came with the little package to save money on MORE, but do you think The Mama went to the store to get more for The Kitty? Not yet! She only goes to the store on Saturday, and here I am with an empty bag already. I have made it very clear that I want THIS cat food, not any of my old cat foods. But will she rush right out and fulfill my heartfelt feline desire. NO! She's sitting at the computer. So I am sulking hopelessly here in the closet waiting for Saturday. (heavy sigh) Oh, Kal Kan people. First you stop making Kal Kan lamb and rice canned food which was my all-time fave once-on-a-kitty-life, and now you send me only a teeny tiny bag of the most delicious, ambrosiac real cat food the world has ever known. Why couldn't you have sent just a wee bit bigger bag that would have lasted through Saturday? Well, I'll tell you. Nobody around here is going to be purring or anything until Somebody goes to the store. And the store just better have the good stuff in stock. Or next week it's picket signs and indignant letters to the SPCA.

later that week
The Mama capitulates!!
OK, I'm eating again since the Mama brought home the Right Stuff.


Just a note to let you know I have made it into the ivory towers of Academe. Yes, I am listed in the Year 2000 Alumni Directory of Bluffton College, a recognition of my status as full family member and not just chattel or pet. Is this the first step to a cat becoming President of the United States? Who knows what the future holds!!!

Answer Your Cat's Questions: 

a public service from Kitty-Sue's Feline Beneficence Society

January 23rd is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. There is even a special animated e-greeting card for the occasion which humans can send to their friends who own cats from the Blue Mountain Arts web site at:

For those humans who have problems answering the questions, here are some suggested responses offered by an Experienced Cat.

Why do you sleep when it's dark? - because people have their days and nights turned around backwards! If you want your person to be awake at night, you have to get him or her to sleep in the daytime. This is why it is wise to adopt a senior citizen instead of a young human, one who no longer goes out in the daytime to "work" where you haven't a chance of pursuading him/her to nap during daylight hours.

Would you like some? - Don't waste your mouse. After several instances of offering tasty fur  clad tidbits and being turned down most rudely by unappreciative humans, my friend Thomas and I, who hunt as a team in the cemetery where the supply of prey is limitless, have decided that humans must have some sort of genetic deficiency in the taste bud department.

Why can't I go in the garbage? - This is a silly question. Don't ask! Just DO it!

Will I fit in there? - The First Principle of Prowling applies here. If your whiskers will fit in there, YOU will fit in there. 

Please give me more food? - If you have to ASK for more food, it's time to trade in your stingy family for a new one. While you're at it, try to pick out a nice round soft human. They're not only more understanding about the food supply, but they also have really comfy cuddling spaces.

How do I get down? -  Why would you ask a human that question? Most of them can't even figure out how you got up there.

Kitty will answer additional cats' questions on request. Please e-mail to Kitty Sue's Questions in care of

Kitty-Sue's Bio
My name is not really Kitty-Sue or even Kitty, but at least people can pronounce it correctly. So I have gone to a good bit of trouble to train all the significant people in my life to call me Kitty instead of the Tibetan name that is on my birth certificate and instead of my Real Cat Name which none of them can even hear, let alone pronounce adequately.

Training of humans is easily accomplished by ignoring anything they do which is unacceptable, reacting to extremely displeasing behavior with temporary abandonment, and rewarding desirable behaviors with purrs, mooshing, and, in rare cases, lap-sitting for several minutes. This so-called behavior modification which people credit to a human named Skinner who apparently lived in a box is obviously something Skinner plagiarized from us cats.

me watching at window early a.m.I live with my human in a cozy little home surrounded by green grass and a modest flowering jungle. We do have winter here, but I would outlaw it if I could. Every day I check all doors and windows in our home just in case summer might appear at one or another of them. Early in the morning is an especially good time to watch for summer to come up over the eastern horizon.

I'm not very patient with my person in the early morning. She wants to sleep. I want breakfast and fresh drinking water. After the morning tea, the cooled contents of the tea kettle is poured into a Britta pitcher. That is my drinking water -- it tastes infinitely better with the chlorine boiled away. I believe that people would be much better off if they drank boiled water too. That chlorine in the tap water can't possibly be good for them.

me stalking lightning bugsOnce summer has arrived, one of my major responsibilities is supervising the livestock: squirrels, crows, butterflies, lightning bugs, mice and voles, ants. Especially I am fond of herding ants. They sometimes take a wrong turn and come in under the kitchen door. So I have to run around, gather them all into a bunch, and herd them back out under the door again. Cats do not have a natural herding instinct, but I learned the technique from watching videos The Mama took at the sheepdog trials. My, those border collies are intelligent (for canines). If they were gray with green eyes, I might consider adopting one as a pet.

I only herd ants INSIDE the house though. Outdoors I try to preserve my image. The neighbors are under the misguided impression that I am merely a house cat. Since I wish them to continue in their innocent delusion, I will occasionally go out at dusk and act like a cat, chasing lightning bugs all over the yard, leaping into the air in pursuit of the "prey", and eventually returning home wearing "the look of the hunter" as illustrated to the right.

I am pretty good at independence except for the eagles. The Mama says they are not eagles; they are red tailed hawks. But they look like eagles to me. They scream like eagles too. And I have seen them swoop down and grab small creatures from the ground. A mouse acquaintance of mine bought the farm last summer when he was caught out in the middle of the lawn far from any sheltering leaves or bushes. For that reason I stay close to the foundation of our building when the eagles are flying.

me sitting tall under the lampTo tell the truth, it's much safer in the house most of the time, so I usually don't spend a lot of time outdoors by myself. I schedule my outdoor time to coincide with people basking on the deck with their books or dulcimers. I LOVE music, especially harp or dulcimer. But the music I really like best is when The Mama plays the bells on her keyboard. When she is playing I will come and pat her and meow. She understands that I mean, "Bells! Play the bells now!" When she does I lie down on the floor and stretch out as long as I can be so I can feel the sound of the bells through the floor. She thinks "The Bells of St. Mary's" is my favorite song. Actually any song played on the bells is my favorite. When the church bells ring at five o'clock in the summer, I stretch out on the wooden boards of the deck and enjoy their music. I wonder if the person who plays the carillon knows that one of their biggest fans is a cat.

  Repurposing the household furniture is something that all us cats have learned to do since we don't usually have any furniture of our own. For instance, my people think bookcases are to keep books in and put lamps on top of. It took me quite a while to remove all the stuff from the top of this one, but finally they got the idea that anything that they put up here in MY place would go on the floor whenever I want to take a nap. We finally compromised on the lamp, but it's scrunched up in the corner now instead of being symmetrically arranged in the middle of my nap spot.


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