Denny Creehan: Traditional Wing-T Expert.
Gerry Gallagher: He will focus on Wing-T running back fundamentals and other traditional Wing-T topics.
Tom Herman: Wing-T Offensive Line Play (Technique, Practice)
Scott Meadows: Pigeon Forge High School, Tennessee.
Dave Martin: Stewart's Creek Shot Gun Wing-T Attack.
Glen McNew: Hybrid Fundamentals of the JET and ROCKET Sweeps.
Tim Murphy: “The Double Wing Offense”. He is the head football coach at Clayton Valley Charter School in Concord, California. He has developed and refined the shotgun Wing-T offense.
Hancel Phipps: Wake Forest HS, North Carolina.  Running the Traditional Wing-T from the Pistol.  25 Game win streak, 50-2 since they went to the Pistol.

Rick Stewart: Master of the Pistol Wing-t Offense.Will discussl aspects of the Pistol Wing-T.

Jason Strickland: Pierce County High School. A Hybrid Wing-T Offense. Implementing the Jet and the Rocket Sweep and all complimentary plays for the Traditional Shot Gun Wing-T Offense. Played in 2 out last 3 State Championship Games.