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Compute design properties of formed structural sections; beam, roll & flat plate bending stress & deflection; fan shaft sizing & critical speed; high temperature design stress & modulus of elasticity values for steel, wrought & cast alloys. Ten different formed structural sections, 12 different beam & load configurations, and 18 high temperature alloy materials are programmed. The fan shaft selection computes the minimum diameters, deflections, and critical speed of a fan shaft that is supported with two bearings, is belt connected to a motor, and has a fan wheel overhanging the "hot" bearing. Bridge & trolley wheel loadings are computed for 11 crane rail sizes & wheel sizes from 8" to 36" diameter.
Compute view factors and radiation heat loss to an external sink temperature through any size round, square, rectangular, or slot opening in a refractory wall for any thickness of insulation. Compute the temperature of any shape of metallic, graphite, or silicon carbide heating element operating at a given watts/sq. in loading, based on radiation heat transfer. Compute the temperatures of up to 10 metallic heat shields at any emissivity, due to radiation heat transfer, and the heat loss to a cold sink. Compute the temperature profile at given distances from a nonheated surface of a furnace enclosure with heating elements located on adjacent walls.
Compute pneumatic & hydraulic cylinder axial push/pull loads for 40 sizes of cylinders from 1-1/2" to 20" bore; piston rod allowable push stroke loads & column length for rigid, clevis & trunnion mounted cylinders for hydraulic pressures from 500 to 3000 psi; air and oil consumption for any stroke length; oil gpm flow rate & pump horsepower at any piston rod speed.
This program computes furnace conveyor mesh belt drive systems in conventional load, preheat, high heat, cool, & unload furnace arrangements, for any length of furnace sections, work load weights & belt speeds. 47 mesh belt designations, and allowable stresses for 15 belt alloy materials from 17% Chrome to HASTELOY X® with recommended maximum temperatures when operating in air, dissociated NH3, Exo/Endothermic, carburizing, reducing/oxidizing (with sulphur, lead or zinc contaminants) furnace heat treat atmospheres are programmed. Drive, idler & pinch rolls can be any diameter (weights & shaft sizes are computed). Friction factors are computed for metal or refractory belt supports; belt tension pull is computed and totaled for each furnace section; production rate is computed; and drive horsepower is computed.

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