Family History Notes

By John T. Miller, Jr.  Ongoing research on the genealogy of Miller, Mathis, Weishaar and Baker families, et al.

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Fun with Tartans
Much more fun than flags. BAZINGA!

Our Scottish ties ... and scarfs ... and kilts?

Miller/Mathises have connections to three Scottish Clans: Robertson, McMichael and MacDowall -- possibly, probably and certainly (respectively).

Those connections yield a couple of intriguing apparent family resemblances (although actual relationships have not been established).

A Chief of Clan MacDowall.

A grandson of Mary McDowell.

Peter Robinson, Loyalist emigre to Nova Scotia.

Grace Robinson Miller, emigre descendant.

Background: Clan MacDowall tartan.      

Blue Blood
Royal and Noble Lineages of the Miller/Robinson Line.
"Slaves Fairly Sold"
Indian captivity of the Lazarus Noble family, Maine to Canada, 1750.
Rhenish Roots
Miller and Weishaar: Common geographic origins in the Rhine Valley.
Jersey Genesis
Littell ancestors among the first settlers of the New Jersey Colony.
Cherry Hill Revisited

The Last Farms
Recent and distant history of the immediate and extended family in Berkeley Heights, NJ, c. 1730 to 1956.

DAR Anyone? Azor Curtis (1718 - 1778) and other ancestors with Revolutionary service.
Places and Traces Eponymous streets and roads.
Vital Records:
Studies based on family documents recording lineal connections not
recorded elsewhere.

Family Genealogies:
Genealogical charts by family researchers. See caveats, but worthy of preservation.
  • Hassinger Ancestral Chart: With ancestry of Joseph and Maria (Marz) Schuber, great x 2 grandparents of Louis J. Mathis.

  • Roschy Genealogy: Ancestry of Eva (Roschy) Miller (1816-1896), wife of Peter, the original Miller immigrants.