Retreat Priority Summary

Units never retreat to Areas or Sea Zones where they would be out of supply. If this is their only option, they surrender.


Army Units retreat to Areas, in preference to Sea Zones; Naval Units, to Sea Zones in preference to Areas.


An Area controlled by the retreating player is preferable to one controlled by an ally; an Area controlled by an ally is preferable to one that is enemy-controlled.


An Area or Sea Zone containing only friendly units is preferable to one containing no units; an empty Sea Zone or Area is preferable to one containing both friendly and enemy units. Army Units may not retreat to Sea Zones or Areas containing only enemy units; Naval Units consider Sea Zones solely containing enemy units as being of the lowest preference, even lower than adjoining Coastal Areas.


If, by these rules, two or more adjoining Areas or Sea Zones remain of equal preference, retreat to the one that is topologically closest to the player's nearest Home Country, State, or Dominion.


If still tied, roll a die to determine where the unit in question retreats.



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