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Borough Council

  • Mayor: Joseph Sam (R)
  • President: Theodore Szall (R)
  • Vice President: Linda Falconer (D)
  • Member: Edward Falconer (D)
  • Member: Roberta McLaughlin (R)
  • Member: Steve Yovich (D)
  • Member: Steve Sherred (R)
  • Member: Mark Metzger (R)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Catherine Wise
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer:
    Cheryl Cappela
  • Maintenance: Dawson Bogart, Sr.
  • Morning Plow Driver: Ed Falconer

Tax Collectors

Property Tax Collector: Amy Kingen
Hours: Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

1% Earned Income Tax and Occupational Privilege Tax Collector: Joyce Spitznogle

Planning Commission

  • President: Paul Peters
  • Member: Roberta McLaughlin
  • Member: Steve Yovich
  • Member: Judy Dinsmore

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Chairperson: Melody Cornell
  • Member: Dale Kingen
  • Member: Ernie Brown
  • Alternate: Lee DeBrakeleer

Other Borough Officials

  • Auditing Firm:
    Birchard & Foulkroud
  • Banking Institution: PLGIT
  • BOCA Inspector: Allied Building Inspections
  • Community Days Chairperson:
    Linda Falconer
  • Community Days Parade Chairperson:
    Steve Sherred
  • Constable: OPEN SEAT
  • Director of Borough Newsletter:
    Catherine Wise
  • Director of Maintenance Personnel:
    Ed Falconer
  • Engineer: OPEN POSITION
  • Open Records Officer: Catherine Wise
  • Polling Booth Contact:
    Linda Falconer
  • Representatives for the Erie County Associations of Boroughs:
    Linda Falconer
  • Snow Removal Contact:
    Ed Falconer
  • Solicitor: Knox, McLaughlin, Gornall & Sennett Law Firm - Tim Sennett
  • Stenographer: Ann Marie Sullivan
  • Zoning Board Solicitor: Marsh, Spaeder, Baur, Spaeder & Schaaf Law Firm - Kurt Sundberg
  • Zoning Officer: John Letzo

Emergency Management Officials

  • EMS Coordinator: Ted Szall
  • Authorized Resource Requestors (3 contacts):
    OPEN POSITION, Ted Szall and Linda Falconer
  • NIMScast Data Entry:

Cemetery Associations

  • MV Cemetery Association Contact: Melody Cornell
  • LeBoeuf Cemetery Association Contact:
    Robert Nosko

Mill Village Volunteer Fire Company

  • Fire Chief: John Letzo, Jr.
  • Email:
  • Fire Hall Rental:
    Brian Campbell or Dave Stearns
Borough Council

Due to the regination of Don Mulson, there is one open seat on Borough Council. If you are interested in serving your community as a Council Member, please contact any current council member, or call the Borough building and leave a message.

You will need to submit a "Letter of Intent" to serve in the capacity of a Council Member to the Borough Council. Once you are appointed and sworn in, you will be required to attend regular monthly meetings at the Borough building on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Planning Commission

Currently, all seats on the Planning Commission are filled. If you are a borough resident and are interested in becoming a board member in the event of a vacant seat, please contact a Borough Council member or call the Borough Building. You can leave a message outside office hours.

The Planning Commission only meets infrequently when there is a need. Please consider giving a little bit of your time to your community.

Zoning Hearing Board

Currently, all seats on the Zoning Hearing Board are filled. If you are a borough resident and are interested in becoming a board member in the event of a vacant seat, please contact a Borough Council member or call the Borough Building. You can leave a message outside office hours.

This is another position where the demands on your time would be very little, as the Zoning Hearing Board only meets when there is a need.

Speaking at Council

All residents are welcome to attend Borough Council meetings. Any residents wishing to speak are asked to call the secretary and give her a general idea what the subject matter is so that council can be better prepared for any discussion.

Guests who call in advance and are put on the agenda will have the floor for 5 minutes. Guests who just show up the night of the meeting may have the floor for 3 minutes. Non-resident guest speakers who have been invited by council to present information are exempt from these time limits.

When taking the floor, council asks that the guest stand and state his or her name for the record before presenting his or her case. The matter may or may not be discussed at that time, but all cases will be taken into consideration by Council.

Council appreciates any and all comments and suggestions the residents might have, so please feel free to attend the monthly meetings. Residents may also submit comments, suggestions and questions to the secretary during office hours at the Borough Building for review by Council at the monthly meeting.

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