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PennDOT's Plan for Gilette Street

At the February 2011 regular meeting, PennDot representative Brian Yedinak brought multiple plans concerning the overpass project on Route 6. Discussion was held on different options for Gillette Street. Mr. & Mrs. Schweitzer will be contacted concerning their property at this location, which may be affected due to the construction.

At the March 2011 regular meeting, Mr. & Mrs Schweitzer, Mr. & Mrs. Gilchrist and Mr. & Mrs. Cole were present to ask about the underpass plans and the proposed Cul-de-sac on Gillette Street. President Ted Szall explained the options that the PennDot representatives had presented at the previous meeting. Mr. & Mrs. Schweitzer do not want a Cul-de-Sac on their property. Discussion was held on making the street One-way. Everyone agreed that a Grade Crossing would be preferred, but is not an option. Council decided to have a public meeting as soon as one can be scheduled. PennDOT representatives will be called and asked to attend, letters will be sent to residents around Gillette Street and a notice will be posted at the Post Office.

There was a Special Public Meeting held at the Mill Village Firehall on March 22, 2011. Penn Dot Representatives and Consultants (Brian Yedinak, Mike Hunkele, Randy Brink and Rich Coffin) presented the plans for the Mill Village Underpass project and the Gillette Street revisions.

Discussion was held on:

  1. Moving a driveway on Gillette Street
  2. Walls along route 6 (Center Street) and Railings
  3. Lowering the road under the underpass
  4. Traffic Speeds
  5. A cul-de-sac on Gillette Street
  6. There will be a detour for approximately 9 months
  7. There will be another meeting before the project proceeds - Start date may be 2014

No action was taken by Mill Village Borough Council at this meeting.

New Sidewalks in Borough, Ready or Not

At the July 2011 regular meeting, it was decided that those residents who are unwilling or unable to pay for half of the cost of the sidewalk replacement in front of their property will have a lien put on their property by the Borough Council. In the recent past, Borough Council only replaced those sidewalks that they got grants for at no cost to the property owners. In the February 2011 regular meeting, Council authorize the borough secretary to apply for Sidewalk Grants.

American Flag for Main and Center Streets

At the June 2011 regular meeting, "Ed Falconer remarked that the borough needs flags on the telephone poles." A letter will be sent to Penelec informing them of the council's decision to hang these flags in the same location that the Christmas wreaths are hung. If there is no response from Penelec, then the flag will be purchased and hung. It was mentioned in the July 2011 meeting that Borough Council will purchase new brackets along with these flags, and that Steve Yovich is now looking into it.

New Stormwater Management Ordinance

At the May 2011 regular meeting, solicitor Tim Sennett told Borough Council that they had until September 21. 2011 to adopt the Stormwater Ordinance. A draft version was handed out at the June 2011 meeting and the adoption will need to be done at the September 14, 2011 meeting. Solicitor Tim Wachter was at the July 2011 meeting to review any changes that the council deemed necessary.

New Flood Plain Ordinance

At the January 2011 regular meeting, on the advice of solicitor Tim Wachter, council authorized a new Flood Plain Ordinance to be constructed before March of 2011. A draft to be presented at the February 2011 meeting. Tim will start work on updating Ordinance #13 - Mill Village Floodplain Ordinance.

New Spreader for Borough Plow Truck

At the December 2010 regular meeting, Ed Falconer introduced a need for a new spreader for the borough plow truck. He will be looking at prices. At the March 2011 regular meeting, Ed Falconer presented costs for spreaders: Approximate figures are: Fiberglass - $4,500.00. Tailgate Spreader - $3,800.00. Tabled until Spring.

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