American 180 Speed Loader


The drum loader is made out of Polycarbonate (Lexan). The loader has a Dillon 4 5/8" x 6 3/8" x 1 5/8" ammo box attached. The end face of the loader has locating pins that locate the loader to the drum. The drum can be loaded "in the air" by holding the loader and the drum with your hands and rotating, or, you can use a "Lazy Susan" bearing to spin the drum on while loading. A "Lazy Susan" bearing will be supplied.

About 40 rounds are staged in the ammo loading chute. After you load the rounds into the drum, you remove the loader from the drum and then shake the ammo to fill up the chute again. Place the loader onto the drum then the drum onto the Lazy Susan bearing and load again.

Drums with heavy burrs (from the drum stop etc. ) will have to de disassembled and de-burred. Some steel drums might need a edge de-burred to allow the ammo to fall into the channels correctly. Detailed instructions with pictures will be supplied.  The drum stops need to be removed to use the loader and it is recommended by the current drum manufacturer to remove it to prevent damage.


Loading instructions here:  Click Here




The drum sits on top of a "Lazy Susan" bearing.  Spin the drum and the ammo drops into the drum. The loading operation works best if the drum is eye level so you can see the ammo dropping into the drum.


Picture of the prototype unit.


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QuickTime Video of the ammo falling into the loading chute

QuickTime Video of the loader loading