Ruger AC556


                                                  -Mini 14 to AC556 Stock Conversion (see below)

                                                  -Accessory Rail Installation

                                                  -Barrel Threading

                                                  -Re Finishing


Re use 18" barrel front sight on "shorty"


Vapor blasted Stainless Steel receiver to achieve non glare uniform finish




Front Rail Installation for Grips or Accessories



Hardened Steel Screw Plate to mount the rail



Parkarized, Baked on Flat Black Moly, and threaded 1/2-28.

18" Barrel .059" Gas Port, 13" barrel .070" Gas Port



Mini14 stock converted and Baked on Moly receiver



Stainless AC556  Parts Kit



Converted Mini 14 Stocks


Send me a Mini 14 Stock (Plastic or Wood) and I will correctly mill it out to the AC556 style. You will re use your AC556 hardware in the converted stock.  I can modify Mini14 hardware as well.


Choate Mfg. Mini 14 stock converted


Butler Creek Mini 14 Stock Converted




Advanced Technologies Mini 14 Stock Converted






                               Adjust your Rate Of Fire

www.Brownells.com has them