Colt Style 9mm Bolt Ramping

Save your lower receiver and hammer pin by bolt ramping.  A non ramped 9mm bolt re cocks the hammer in less than 1/2" of bolt stroke.  As a result, the hammer is thrown back very fast.  That method of re cocking hurts your hammer pin and your lower receiver hammer pin holes.  The ramped bolt, on the other hand, re cocks the hammer in 1 1/4" of stroke. The increase in rate of fire is @30 to40 rounds per min.




Tungsten weight. 

Adding weight to the bolt helps counteract the rate of fire increase do to the ease of cocking the hammer back now that the bolt is ramped.   Rate reduction is @100 rounds per min less. 


I can re Parkarize the ramped area.


Some want to add Tungsten weight and others don't.  I don't like the added weight because I welcome the increase in the rate of fire. The increase in fire seems to smooth out the M16 in my opinion. If your competing, you most likely want the slower rate of fire that the added weight provides... The Tungsten will add 2-3oz to your bolt. Rate of fire reduction is @100 rounds per min.


Counteract the rate of fire increase (if you want!!) by installing a Rate Reducing Buffer and the Tungsten weight..  


Protect your Lower Receiver Hammer pin holes using this KND Anti Rotating Pins


RLL guns: If your hammer has a notch like in the picture below you will need to get a un-notched hammer.  I can add weld to this area, you can send a M16 hammer to me to modify, or I can supply a modified M16 hammer. A modified M16 hammer is a hammer with the sear catch removed. I have standard pin modified M16 hammers and large pin Colt style modified M16 hammers. *** ALL NFA RULES APPLY ***








 Semi Auto 9mm Bolt

I will not ramp semi-auto bolts

NFA Rules Apply