UZI Magazines and Drums for M16/AR15's


I correctly modify UZI magazines, Vector Drums and C&S UZI drums to work in Colt or Colt clone magazine well adapters.  25's, 32's, 40's, and 72's. 

Yes, I said correctly.  I do not push magazines into a magazine well adapter, scribe a line, then mill to the line!!!  I mill the magazine catch slot in the correct place and I mill narrower catch slots than others do.  Narrower slots help keep the mags in the correct relationship between the mag feed lips and the bolt. 

Send me your UZI magazines or have them drop shipped to me.  Magazines are $10.00ea to convert (in quantity).  Vector Drums and C&S UZI drums are $18.00 to convert.


Converted Drum                                                    Converted 25's, 32's, and 40's