.22LR Magazine Speed Loaders


NEW  Black Dog Magazine (thin, full body, and M261 loaders available)

One loader can load Ceiner steel mags and BD full body mags


Ceiner Mini14/AC556 .22lr          Vector UZI .22lr

Ceiner M16/AR15 .22lr             DPMS .22lr

Kimber .22lr 1911 kit

And others can be made........


           Ceiner Thompson .22lr   (and Black Dog thin mag conversion)



                 Vector UZI .22lr                           Ceiner M16/AR15 .22lr




       Kimber 1911 .22lr                                                          DPMS Magazine Loader






Converted Ramline 10-22 speed loaders to speed load .22lr magazines.

Open the lid, dump ammo in, and the Ramline loader orientates the ammo correctly with a shake of your hand. Put your .22 magazine in place and push the loading button. Each push of the button loads a round into the magazine. All components are screwed together


The Ceiner M16/AR15 magazine loaders are $135.00ea delivered to you

The Ceiner Ac556/Mini14 magazine loaders are $145.00ea delivered to you

The  DPMS and Kimber magazine loaders are $145.00ea delivered to you

Thompson Loaders   $165.00ea delivered to you 

Pay by PayPal +3.5% to this e-mail or Money Order

Vector UZI Loader $165.00

Note:  The Vector UZI type Magazine Loaders load 20 and 28 round magazines.  The 28's are temperamental and load between 18 and 25 rounds. The 28's might require disassembly to file a edge off a corner of the magazine insert and a few other areas where burrs might be.  I supply detailed instructions with pictures.   Even with the potential problems with the 28's, you can still load @20 rounds in 8 to 10 seconds.....


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Quicktime Movies (.mov)

Click here for a Vector UZI Magazine loading (low res)

Click here for a Vector UZI Magazine loading (high res)

Click here for a  Ciener M16/AR15 Magazine loading