M11 - M10 "Can"  Locking

Using One Piece Split Collars and a pin (or pins) you can lock your "Can" to the gun.  The collar shrinks onto the barrel shoulder as you tighten the socket head cap screw and the pin or pins stop the "can" from rotating. You will need a Suppressor that has spanner wrench holes in the end cap. The Suppressor still bottoms out on the barrel flange to ensure proper alignment and the lock "floats" until you tighten it down.

Below are pictures of a UZI Coastal Suppressor set up.  A good idea would be to add the pins to a front grip set up....


M11 SMG with Coastal UZI 9mm "Can". The "Lock" is between the gun and the "Can"


M11 to UZI Coastal Adapter


M11 Can Lock.

(This was the prototype, the pins are too long and the collar is too thick)