Aluminum or Steel RDIAS Repair - RLL Repair

All NFA rules apply


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Lightning Link Protector



Make sure your RLL isn't hitting in these spots



RDIAS on the right has issues....

Can't close your Upper receiver easy... can't just drop in your RDIAS and run because you have to shim it.  I repair RDIAS' and manufacture sears that allow you do drop the RDIAS in the lower receiver, close the upper easily, and it will run.  Whatever make you have.


Customer asked for a set screw to lock the RDIAS to the Upper Receiver



                              RDIAS                                                                                           RLL

Replacement springs, sear trips, and pins.                                                                           Repairing broken Tabs

RDIAS Body - TIG weld elongated/broken holes and re machine.                                    (Can only be repaired not replaced)

(RDIAS bodies can only be repaired not replaced)


RDIAS repair pictures.                                                                                 RLL repair pictures