RLL's and RDIAS' Modifications

-Receiver Milling

                                                               -RLL Select Fire Control Parts

                                                               -Large Pin Colt Fire Control Parts


All NFA Rules Apply


Colt Carbine Milled for RDIAS (Hardened Sear block removed)



LMT Receiver Milled for a RLL or RDIAS


Colt owners:

I can take your M16 fire control parts (or supply them complete) and open them up to fit the larger Colt pins.

RLL's I can remove the sear lug for you, RDIAS your ready to go.


Fire control parts were .156 Diameter. I can bore the set out for Colt's (.172)



Modified M16 three shot burst kits allow select fire for RLL's (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)




AR47 Lower Receiver for RDIAS or RLL