Repair of Firearms and Suppressors


                                             Firearm repair, re finishing, and rebuilding


Non Welding repair of receiver






Transferable Registered Receiver

Selector detent hole was in the wrong position, the mag well didn't allow Thermold mags, and the rear takedown pin counter bore was shallow.




Hammer holes elongated by years of wear. (Hole locations were off by .017" from the factory)

Repaired by installing hardened steel bushings.  Converting from the large pin receiver to the small pin receiver can be done the same way. But the bushings would have to be pinned in place from underneath the front lugs.



Bushings to convert the Colt Large Pin Receivers to the small pin style

Can make the bushing retaining pin holes visible or hidden.














Repairing, re building, updating, and re finishing of Suppressors.



Repaired Suppressor with anti rotating lock