Barrel Threading / Adapters


MP5 Clone 3lug adapter added



Adapter added for Ruger MKII


Attaching 3 Lug adapters to Barrels

-3 Lug Adapters in stock






Single pointed threads using a CNC Lathe.  Whatever thread pitch you would like. Right hand, left hand, metric, or American threads.

For barrels that do not remove easily or receivers/barrels that might have the finish damaged while removing the barrel, I can thread without having to remove the barrel from the receivers. I CNC the profile of your chamber on a non reusable threading arbor.  The arbors can be stepped for clearance (AC556/Mini14's) or straight.

(AC556/Mini14, MP5, Rem 700's...etc..)

References available upon request.


Remington 700 Police with a Quick Detach Gemtech HVT 7.62/.308 Supressor






MP5 and Clones, threading for a 3 lugs. The barrels were not removed from the receivers.




M16 UZI Adapter


MK760 UZI Adapter

Right hand to left hand thread adapter