D'Eramo Chess Project

Welcome to my chess project.

I am currently downloading newspaper chess columns and articles from newspapers.com. I have found numerous chess games that are not currently in online databases. My hope is to make these games by players such as Capablanca, Lasker, Steinitz, Pillsbury, Kashdan, Fine, Denker, Santasiere, Whitaker, Horowitz, Marshall, Dake, Showalter, Mackenzie, and others known to the chess community.

I especially want to thank newspapers.com for their support. Without them, this website would not be possible.

I got the idea for this website from the wonderful site chessarch.com. I was inspired by the Jack O'Keefe Project in the Excavations section. My hope is to offer columns that are not available on this site.

Please enjoy the contents of this site. Please give a lot of credit to newspapers.com for making this site possible.

The columns, articles, and other clippings you find may not be of the best quality. In fact, some of them are so poor as to be unreadable. However, I decided to include them because they provide valuable information that a chess column existed. Hopefully, someone will be able to find a better copy elsewhere. But, sometimes you have to know a copy exists before you spend time trying to find it.

This website is temporary, but it will be updated once in a while. Some of the items have been referenced on another wonderful site chesshistory.com . See some of them below in the "Contributions" section.

Also in the "Contributions" section will be transcriptions of various chess columns. After a break, I am currently working on the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Please drop me a note if you happen upon this site.

Clicking on a link in a newspaper will take you to the newspapers.com clipping in a popup window. Please enable this capability.

Here is a list of newspapers I am currently working on:


Steinitz-Martinez Match 3 PGN File

Items on chesshistory.com.

Items on chesscentral.com

Other Items

My Games of Chess

Please send all comments and corrections to Patsy A. D'Eramo, Jr.

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