Engines and registry of the Myrick Machine Company... Olean, NY

 A 4HP Myrick Eclipse pumping engine fresh off a lease and picked up in SW NY state. A little rusty, but with a nice bore. I cleaned it up and had to remake the sheet metal shroud and the cooling fan. The intake valve needed to be reground and reseated. The valve was very hard and had to be ground on a tool post grinder... usually these old valves will cut nicely with a carbide bit only. This engine still had the spur gear clutch on it to run the pump jack shown below. If you have'nt guessed by now, I have a thing for vertical engines.

 "Correct" setup showing the mixer valve, gas regulator, valve for the hot tube and other goodies. Taken at '00 Portland Swapmeet from an engine off a lease.

 Gasoline mixer setup for running the 4 HP. This is nothing more than a piece of pipe choked way down with a venturi and a needle valve on the top. Of course the gas tank has to have a good check valve in it. This Myrick was "modified" to use a spark plug and magneto.

 The Myrick Junior 1.5 HP. Few of these survive. This engine is only about 28" tall, runs on gasoline, and has buzz coil ignition. A very nice running engine. I purchased this engine in the fall of 04 and was painted with red enamel. This is the original paint I found under the enamel.

 The 4HP after restoration. I finally sold this engine in the fall of '05 after getting another model H in nice original condition.  I used a Bernz-O-Matic propane tank as an accumulator on the other side. The model Hs from s/n 1000 - 1500 have the crank in the flywheel spoke while the later ones have the crank recessed in the flywheel rim.
Late model H tag from Westerm PA. Apparently, Luther made these engines well after 1930. This one still sports a hot tube. A boss was added to the block to locate a timer detent rack but I have seen these even on early model H's.

 This is a 6HP Myrick Eclipse model AC engine which is termed the Low Boy. Apparently it had been indoors all its life on a generator. It has a auxilliary exhaust port in addition to the exhaust valve. This one also runs on propane, has an open-style crankcase and is fired by an early WICO/ Witherbee "pancake" mag. Myrick also made a tall boy or High Boy version without the ported cylinder and a closed crankcase.
   3HP Water Cooled Myrick; I purchased this engine during the winter of 2002. There is speculation that this engine is an experimental model made by Myrick. It has a pendulum governer and hot tube ignition. The SN is 131. Normally I do not buy restored engines but this one was the exception. Runs great with lots of gizmo action. The con rod has cast bronze ends with a round steel shaft fixed with a lock bolt.

Gizmo end of the water cooled Myrick. This engine always bumps against compression with the gas governer turning the gas on and off via a pendulum and pick. Very tricky to adjust. The cam has a single lobe which operates both pushrods. I can idle this one down to ~90 rpm.
3 HP "Free Air" Model from 1904 or so. There is no serial number on this one anywhere.  The cut out fins are for a small tin shield for the air intake which should go in there . I have this installed; this pix was taken before then. Only 4 head bolts.  Also has a lollypop governer. Note the arm on the intake valve spring to prevent it from sucking open the valve during coasts between hits.
3HP Model B from around 1905-7.  This engine  features an overhead valve, lollypop governer, enclosed crankcase and third valve to meter gas into the intake chamber. The base is cast as a fuel tank so this could tun off natural gas or gasoline. I am guessing one could run it off a spark plug with a timer and adapter plate for the hot tube. Cast brass tag and additional tag which says, "Empire Gas and Fuel Co Registrar" . A nice running engine. Note the pulley is cast in with the flywheel. I need a head like this for another early engine so if you see one, let me know.

Picture of a Model H from 1912 showing the lollypop governer and the crank on the flywheel spoke. These engines seem to all have serial #'s less than 1000 and the small cast name tags. Note the cast cap over the air intake. Some of these engines had a fuel tank in the base and a Lunkenheimer mixer so they could run on gasoline.

Registry Engines
If you would like your engine listed, email the particulars and a picture to

4HP Model H
 #355    Lollipop governor, brass rod, hot tube, cast tag, cast intake cover as pictured above
#839   Brass rod, factory timer, 2 weight governer, stamped tag, crank in spoke, running on timer/Lunkenheimer mixer, painted
#1726   Plain old 4 HP, steel con rod, crank in flywheel, hot tube, running on propane with clutch, restored original condition, stamped tag.
#1734   Brass rod, hot tube ignition, crank handle in the spoke- sounds like this one has a replacement cylinder (?), stamped tag
#1804    Steel rod, hot tube ignition, crank in flywheel rim, running , restored original condition, stamped tag
#2320    One of the last model H's made on May of 1949, aluminum tag, hot tube ignition

6HP Model AC Loy Boy
#1794   Wico-Witherbee mag,  running on propane, ported cylinder, stamped tag

1.5HP Model C "Junior"
#540   Gasoline engine, hit-n-miss, buzz coil ignition, running, bronze rod, cast tag

Luther Mfg. Engines
#2259  6HP High-Boy, Closed crankcase, air cooled, 3-valve,  running on propane, Wico EK mag.

3 HP Engines
#131  Closed crankcase, water-cooled, pendulum governer, hot tube on propane, 3-piece rod
#274  Model B, Closed crankcase, lollypop governer,  3-valve,  air cooled, hot tube, gas tank in base, running on propane

No Serial # Engines
3 HP "free-air" engine, air-cooled with no shroud, hot tube, lollypop governer, running on propane
3 HP model B, Has base of free air model with cylinder and overhead valve setup of later model B, transitional?
     missing head, governer-side flywheel, intake and hot tube setup.
2.5 HP Engine made by Myrick factory into air compressor, cast tag