The '2000 Quartsite, AZ Gas Engine Show And Robson Mining Museum near Wickenburg AZ


 A nice Bessemer 2-cycle engine which ran great with a little coaxing.


 A very old Monitor 1.25 HP pumpjack engine with round fuel tank, nice runner.


 Rob and Kelley with their new aquisition, an Allen from down under All the desirable characteristics; curved spokes, mechanical water pump, flyball governer...and ohh so quiet and smooooth.


 Trying Out the Sepia-tone on my camera.....


 The usual manly persuit of starting the large iron...el ferro grande !!


 Gale Rhoton's 3 HP Stickney


 A little larger Allen than Robs' and with the hot bulb for Kero burning. Schweet smell.


 Hercules vertical made in San Francisco, CA.


 Tied up like a common junkyard dog, this little Farmall had nowhere to go!


 A cool place my folks stumbled into about 20 miles from Wickenburg, AZ (of Vulture Mine fame) on Highwat 71. Lots of old iron collected..kinda' touristy, but still quaint.


 The place is butted up against the foothills and is miles from a phone or power line. Hence, 4 generators and solar cells supply power. This Witte Diesel thumped the whole time I was there. They have a bed and breakfast with 20 or so rooms. Not fancy, but great as an escape from the suburban rush.


 A Fairbanks semi diesel from one of the local mines in AZ,


 Some nice big iron with a Foos, Fairbanks and others. In all about 40-50 engines on site.


 A clever Model T engine and New Way engine compressor rig...


 Some of the ore bins up from the mine shaft. Note the mounts for engines. Some steam engines were also on site.


 The "Glory Hole" not showing the barbed wire and skull and crossbones signs....

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