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   Welcome aboard
to the new webpages of the Philadelphia & Erie Line of the PRR Model Railroad. The old Allegheny Division French Creek Branch suffered some water damage in our basement and was decommissioned. Put to rest in the garbage another words! Although of a sad day a new day comes with a new challenging design and layout style I have admired for some time.

1860's Philadelphia & Erie Railroad
& Allegheny Railroad

In 1860 PRR acquired interests in the Cumberland Valley Railroad from Harrisburg to Hagerstown Maryland, and the Northern Central Railway from Baltimore through Harrisburg to Sanbury Pennsylvania. In 1862 the Pennsy expanded into the Northwestern region of its native state by acquiring an interest in the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad. The PRR purpose was to help the P&E RR complete its line from Sunbury to Erie. A portion of that line came to serve as part of a freight route with easy grades. The rest of the freight route was the Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR). The AVR was conceived to be a feeder railroad from the Pittsburgh to New York Central and the Erie Railroads.

From the 1860's into 1870's the PRR obtained control of the AVRR. In 1874 opened a low-grade Harrisburg-Pittsburgh route to the north of the Main Line via the valleys of the Susquehanna and the Allegheny rivers. The Pennsy's also was completing a section of the AVRR Pittsburgh to Oil City which was the heart of oil country in the day of the Standard Oil Company own by John D. Rockefeller.

In my new model design some modeling liberties have to be taken in to consideration. I am attempting a popular era from the 1940's to mid 1950's Steam power locomotives were at their peak and slowly being replaced by Diesel power during this time.

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