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Welcome to The Allegheny Division French Creek Branch Railroad. This railroad is my own version of an actual Pennsy (PRR or Pennsylvania Railroad) prototype branch line rail system located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The model railroad focuses is around the small town community's of Union City, and Corry Pa. A area I know pretty well since I grew up their as a boy. Two rail systems actually passed through Union City and Corry, the Pennsy, (Penn Central, and Conrail) and the former Erie RR, (Erie Lackawanna and eventually Conrail). Both tracks still remain today under different ownership and road names. On the Old Pennsy tracks today you can see occasionally a short line railroad under the name of the Allegheny RR, and the old Lackawanna rails are now Norfolk & Western.

By: Nelson Pattison Jr.

Prototype Model Railroad Location:

Northwestern Pennsylvania

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