Formula for Exhausted Bitch & Puppies 


Mix 1 teasp. white corn syrup into 4 tablesp. boiled water.

Add a few grains each of ordinary table salt & salt substitue.


Put in clean dropper bottle.


As soon as whelp is dry & breathing normally.

weigh it on a gram scale & give it 5 to 6 drops of solution for each 100 grams of body weight .


Its administered drop by drop on the tongue, not introduced directly into the stomach--also


give  alittle of this to exhusted bitch.


I gave bitch 1/2 teasp. then 1/2 hour later another 1/2 teasp..


  seamed to bring bitch out of her state of exhustion.


The above recipe is from Anne Seranne's magic formula(page 197) "The joy of breeding your own show dog"