CH Randalets Miracles Do Happen S.O.D CH Randalet's Chasin The Dragon R.O.M Am CH Sangria Kotaro ROM CH Amantra Kotaro Of Sangria
Newmere Clemantine Of Sangria ROM
Ch. Touche's Nariko V Kinshi Ch. Glendyke Mack the Knife ROM
Ch. Touches Fairy Tail At My Toy
Ch. Sheena Av Qindao ROM INT CH Ginzan's Crown of Sweden Ginzan's Crown Imperial
CH Ginzan's A Taste of Honey
Con Calore's Princess Phoeme Kataks Kitagawa
CH Ginzan's Silk and Honey
Touche Chic Movie Star Homerbrent Chisai Eng. Ch. Homerbrent Kimi Ranella Dillon
Homerbrent Koosen
Homerbrent Hanayaka Homerbrent Sibai With Vanistica
CH Homerbrent Ryoryo Ria
Ch. Pongee Starstruck at Touche Ch. Tosaho Performing Art ROM Eng. Ch. Am. Ch. Ch. Magic Dragon of Apoco Deodar DOD
CH Tosaho Japanna
Ch. Touche's Walk The Walk BIS Ch.  Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo DOD
Ch. Touche's Walk Dis Way ROM