"Ch. Sheena Av Qindao (ROM)"

Our Beloved Sheena
/95   3/20/06

  I remember talking to Peg about buying an older dog and thinking we must have lost our minds. That thought quickly left my mind when we finally got her and she walked out of that crate.

It was one of those times in all our lives that we knew in an instant that a very special gift had come in to our lives. She walked out of that crate flipped her tail over her back, stuck her nose in the air and announced the Queen had arrived. In the yard at play time we would laugh as one by one the others would come to her give a ceremonial bow as to ask permission to go and play. As she would acknowledge them then they would go off to run. The Queen truly had taken over our house and hearts. Even in our motorhome she took her rightful place. Sitting in the passenger seat watching all that was going on at the shows, but I think deep inside I believe she was making sure all saw her royal highness, if you upset her she was also very quick to show you her royal hinny.

Sheena brought so many wonderful thing into our lives, including the cleanest ears I have ever had. She gave us Adam a very special gift that even the vet could not believe happened, and her legacy has followed to her grand children.

The joy and memories are too many to add but, we will always and forever be thrilled that we were blessed with the years she spent owning our family and at the same time regretting we did not find her sooner.

Sometime during the night Sheena curled up on Peg’s side of the bed and went to sleep. One that she would never wake from, leaving us with all the wonderful memories and taking with her a big piece of our lives and hearts.

Of one thing I am sure, as Sheena crossed the Rainbow Bridge a voice roared out loud.