Wonderful puppy homes that our kids live in.

If you have a Randalet pup and want to be included on this page... Send us an update and a Picture.

Hi Peg,

Just wanted to let you know how well Albert is doing..... We all absolutely love him! He is soooooo much easier to care for, and immensely less
destructive, then our Bernese Mountain Dog, Ozzy. He also has a wonderful temperament. He is getting along well with Ozzy and Ozzy has adapted well
to him. I have even noticed Ozzy looking down for him as he walks to see where Albert is so as not to step on him.

The kids cannot get enough of Albert either. There is no doubt that he will be a well socialized dog!

Take Care,




Dear Peg:
I know it has been awhile (October of last year to be exact) but I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my daughter to adopt Meadow!  She means the world to us and is such a sweet and loving, well-behaved, lovely and loveable dog!  I cannot imagine a better match for us!  Your advice was so helpful too!  I can tell that you adore and want the very best for these dogs and now I see that they totally deserve it!  Meadow is very healthy and happy in our home.  We love her so so much and we think of welcoming her into our home as the best decision ever! 
Hugs to you and Bill for raising these pups with such love,





hi, peg.

thought you’d like to see photos of fuji at 9.5 months old.  he has quite the personality – we call him our little clown.
Thanks again for giving us SOOOOOOOO much love in this tiny package [all 7.1 pounds!].  And, I do hope your family - two-legged and four - is well.
Little Ming Le continues to be such a wonderful member of our family.  I can't thank you enough for breeding such good blood! 
Hello Peg
                   Here is an updated picture of Robbey :) His turning out to be a real ham uh .His learned all kinds of neat little tricks hmmmm .. .Robbey is such a lover omg peg.He just loves to cuddle up when ever we are sitting, an even if am not sitting he loves to be held in my arms. His personality is really coming out now.He loves it when anyone lays on the floor, then watch out cause his King of the body hill ,an he wont get off lmao.I hope you enjoy this update on him :) His a blessing...Adel
Dear Peg,
Peeka & Boo,are both 12 mos. old now, but no one ever believes they are the same age since Boo (big boy) is 12 lbs. and Peeka (girly girl) never grew past 4 lbs! They adore each other and even though physically he can push her around, Peeka is the one who rules! They delight me every day!
Hi Peg, I hope you had a great year.  Here are just a few pics of Cranberry and Gingko I wanted to share.  Cranberry is so adorable and Gingko's best friend.  Happy Holidays, Bruce Raymond
Bill and Peg,
Thank you so much for Yuki! She is a wonderful member of the family and
is always full of energy. We love her so much and cant thank you enough,
dont be suprized if you get a call from some of our family members about
adopting chins as well.
Merry Christmas!
Chris and Sam
 Just to let you know we LOVE them alot.
Ginger  (red and wht)  3lbs 10oz.9 months old.  She is currently in heat and
will be spade in the next couple of months.  She is a pistol and loves
Toby  (blk & wht)  3lbs. 6 oz.8 months old.  Just had him neutered  He is
the sweetest.  These are very social pups.
They have traveled with us to Oregon and back and love it.
  Toby is gorgeous with a lovely coat, (he walks the walk)  Ginger is
pretty but not as long haired.  Her tail and butt are full.  Hope you have a
great New Year.
Happy Chin lovers,  Tom and Sue .  Florida


 Tenshi is growing more accustomed to my house each day.  He settles into his crate at night
and generally sleeps through until 4am.  I  blocked off my dining room and living room with baby gates so he can run through both rooms and sometimes he runs from one room to the other like a whirling dervish.  Other times, he lays on his back in my arms just like a baby and falls asleep with me rubbing his tummy.  I give him a dab of NutriCal on my fingertip when I leave for work in the morning and he just loves it; it seems to be like candy for him and I feel better knowing he has some nutrition while I'm at work.  He's happy to see me when I return around 11:30 and then we play for a couple of hours he falls into his puppy sleep.
Thank you again for this bundle of love.  
Hi Peg & Bill,
I just wanted to let you know that Tiny has made it
safely to Philly.  She did very well on the airplane.
Gigi is thrilled to have a new friend.  She dragged
out all of her hidden toys and spread them out in
front of Tiny's crate.  I think she very much wants to
play with her.
Tiny (she has yet to be named) is eating quite
voraciously.  She even shared some of Gigi's dinner.
She is able to pee and poop like clockwork after meals
and today used Gigi's litterbox.  We have high hopes
for her litterbox training.
We will keep you updated on her progress!
Thanks for this beautiful puppy!!!  It was really nice
meeting you.
Hay Peg.

This is the Gordano Family Just writing to say Minnie is still only 2.5 lbs.
She got taller though she's a Bxxxx just like you said She would be. Here is a pic of
Her with Rosanne on her Birthday. Minnie was her gift.
Hi Peg,
Happy Easter.
Just wanted to update you on Ronin. He's been to the vets and is doing
just fine. He's still a picky eater but gaining weight steadily. He now
weighs 2 lbs 4.25 ounces.
He loves to play with the cats and you should see him and Yuki go at it.
They love to wrestle every time Yuki is here.
Here's an updated picture. He is beautiful.
Mike and Ellie