Tiny puppies (under 3 pounds) have special requirements just like tiny babies do. Because of their size, they are more prone to stress-related problems. They also need to eat much more often than larger puppies. Depending on size, these tiny puppies may need to eat every 2 - 4 hours around the clock. This includes feedings in the middle of the night. When they are stressed, they often refuse to eat, thus requiring force feedings by their caretaker. If the puppies don't eat often enough, they will have hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar, and will cause seizures and convulsions, brain damage, and eventually death.

Small children should not handle tiny puppies because

  1. Very young children don't understand how easily puppies can be hurt;
  2. Young children do not have the hand / eye coordination to hold a tiny puppy safely without dropping him (especially little yorkies who like to jump);
  3. Puppies that are handled too roughly learn to bite in self-defense ad may continue to bite all children out of the fear they develop. Unless your child can carry a premature newborn human baby, he or she shouldn't carry a special care puppy.